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The way it's supposed to be presented without his personal biases worked into the story. As if it's part of the news. Thank you for not doing that. Dick. Thank you, Paul W and thanks for blowing the whistle on those outside contributing reporters that sometimes do you say here after the story. I've heard you say that, of course, was their opinion. And I appreciate that makes my blood boil well does mine as well. And I think probably that's why we have such a strong listening audience here in the morning. People are aware that they're getting the true scoop. We have the Steve Courtney who doesn't ever fudge the numbers. I do remember that time you gave the partial score of seventeen and I didn't quite understand that one but should have been at. Thank you Moyo. Boy, I'm pulling teeth here. Ladies and gentlemen. Sometimes Brian can be very tough. Yes. Sometimes, you know, that's Brian. Yeah. Tony Bruce Scotto is in for John Bailey, handling the traffic duties, Tony an old timer with us for over the years longtime, and that woman who said longtime is program host women who lead his and win this weekend. Saturday at one o'clock Saturday at one pm worth listening to talk about the show and the women's perspective. You did the show here, right? So here. And you know, who's on that panel, tambi focusing Kelly LaFontaine and making manner. Yes. No. I said Hello to the two that I recognized very well. I don't see Mickey very off scene. Mickey Maynard in a few years. She knows what she's very sharp. I feel terrible. I just said Hello. Hello. Like you say Hello to people. You don't know. Hello nice meeting time industry. Observer? Oh, she doesn't want me to call her a long time. They said Mickey that's an honor. It is an honor, and it should still be an honor in this country, but their bucks. Who think that to people of a certain age aren't valuable anymore? And they're for you talk about how long you've been doing anything and an Thomas has been doing this for a very long time. That's what I told her. I said, oh, that's right. It is. I am proud. It's going to cause trouble here. I am proud to say that I've been doing what I'm doing it radio for fifty years is a proud to say that you should be. And I'm looking forward to the next fifty years. I hope you guys are ready. Absolutely. We're ready for you. All right. So the tenure challenge speaking of doing something for a long time. Posting your pictures side by side. But I don't know. The story that caught my attention says the tenure challenges total Bs, and here's why. So I don't even really understand what they're upset about with the challenge. Other than like, I said, it either proves that you didn't age very much for that. You've had tremendous plastic surgeons surgery. Well, here's the other thing who's to say that the picture you give ten years ago. Right. I mean, there's no way to know that for a fact like Tony Butler engineer here he put up a picture that he took on Monday. And then when he took on Tuesday and called it the ten year challenge, you see you should have been wearing the same clothes that probably was the giveaway. You know what I'm saying? Yeah. Different for Canadians. I thought that was worthy of a drum even your Canadians line. I thought was worthy of a Trump too. But you know, why we're not kidding it because we're already at six twelve and we have to go but coming up with our traffic and weather to we'll have Mary Barra. The the head of General Motors Corporation here. The paul. I want to know how we can solve food insecurity in Michigan. Listen to thought leaders from across the state during food for thought with Dr Phil Knight every Sunday night at nine on WJR, presented by farm bureau insurance of Michigan and the food Bank council of Michigan since nineteen nineteen.

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