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Mad. I didn't know that at the time because that would have been the coolest thing when i was a kid. One of my favorite things about people who are really into comics is how much you love to collect things. It's a really it's like you get to like have a little treasure treasure. Exactly that would have been a treasure that i had built myself with scissors and tape so only built in the most rudimentary of senses but still but i mean i honestly think that some that genius behind the business is that you have all of these things that people want to have for themselves and like create this whole treasure trove. Everyone who collects comics is actually a dragon dragon. Basically it's our horrid. It is our four color horrid on that note. Let's talk about spiderman mutant agenda the the newspaper strip version but first. Let's talk a little about our heroes hank mccoy. The beast was one of the original five silvery x. men. He must have gotten bored while the book was was in reprints in the early seventies though because he with the team and he got a job as a scientist for the brand corporation while he was there he discovered quote the hormonal extract. The chemical 'cause is of mutation which he promptly drank in order to disguise himself for emission turning furry and gray the blue would come later unfortunately forgot to ask siri to set a timer for an hour so he got stuck in that form spent the next few weeks attempting and failing to science himself back to his previous form before skipping town as for peter parker spider man. I mean okay. Let's be real. Everybody knows his deal. He was bitten by a radioactive spider and now does everything spider can accept that his webs come out of wrist launchers instead instead of his bud. That's probably for the best anyway this was written by. Hey stan lee and penciled by larry lieber as i recall was stan. Lee's brother yes. He was so in the first trip. Spiderman actually tells the reader that you should clip them out and spiderman. I totally did peter parker. Please be proud of me. Eh but i kinda wanna go through the first handful of strips the first week which isn't actually as much as it sounds because they're very short aside from spider-man's instructions just to give everyone wanna feel for how this is constructed. Do you want to be m._j. Or peter i'll be m._j. I think all right so stripped number two do the hop goblet broke out of jail. Yes i read it. It was you who captured him. What if he wants. Revenge strip number number three. I'm scared peter hobgoblins swore revenge and now he's free no problem. He's after spidey peter parker but hey look at this question-mark strip number four look the brand corporation sponsored a conference on mutations.

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