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What we are going to do is simply follow the guidelines. I remember something. What was it? Oh, yes. The Nuremberg trials. What did they say? The Nuremberg trials. What was the key defense? Let's ask the Professor. I'm Sebastian Gorka. He's shad rack. What was the defense of the Nazis? Youngberg? I was just following line. I was just following orders. So a law regulations without a moral content is irrelevant. A little Costco manager and I'm just going to say it now. I loved NYPD Blue before today, And now I love Ricky Schroder even more because that was Ricky Schroder. One of the detectives from the eponymous TV show. I just mentioned going to Costco without a mask and filming the little Gestapo man say. CDC guidelines. Who cares? I have my regulations. Yeah, boy from the state off California. Oh, by the way, what is what is Kamala saying? Did you see a O? C? The weekend else, he said. I'm just gonna keep my mask on. Makes me feel good. Your pervert. I mean, really, why you denying science and to return to the issue of Germanic Teutonic attitude to the law? We have Kamala Harris Tweed out the following Get vaccinated or wear a mask until you do. No, you fascist! I'm not going to. How'd you like that? What is your What is your authority over me. By the way, Kamala Harris. You can't even get to the border. You are the presidential point person for the disaster, the calamity, the catastrophe that it's 6000 illegal immigrants crossing the southern border every 24 hours, but you can't Be bothered except toe. Order us to do things with our bodies. My body. My choice. Not happening. All right, I'll phone number here. 83333 Gocha 8333346752 action packed show for you. Donald Trump Jr will be with us this hour. John Solomon. David Horowitz, Phill Kline and the Incredible The unbelievable black mother from Loudoun County who took the war for America, too. The members off the loud and county public school board. Sean tell Cooper who I just happened to meet this weekend. I was so excited when I met her at a GOP event that I will be discussing momentarily. But let's talk about mosques, shall we? Let's talk about Oh, I don't know. Somebody called Anthony Fauci. I have in my hand. A little bit of research. That was done. Oh, last night this morning by one of our intrepid team members. Eric, are you there? I've got your six us always. That's what we like to hear. Just tell us. How long did it How many days weeks of research This take you or I'm gonna have to think about that. I'm going around up to the neatest number Maybe 17 weeks. 18 weeks, 59 minutes. Less than an hour. Give or take. Okay, This is stunning. Okay, This is what Eric did. Thank you, Eric in less than an hour, which in the last year The media hasn't done. They have a year to do it. He did it and 59 minutes. What do you need to know about over a group in Furia, Anthony Fauci? Let's work backwards. Let's talk about the organization's. He's responsible for the National Institute of Allergies and Infectious Diseases and also what's going on in the end. Eight. Let's talk about the organizations that he represents or collaborates with. 2000 and four and internal and I H review found that foul cheese AIDS research division because that's his background. Was quote a troubled organizations organization, where managers used sexually explicit and count colorful language that ended up creating a hostile atmosphere. Huh? Interesting in 2000 and three Woman from Tennessee who had enrolled in an N H funded research project to try and stop her unborn child from gaining from getting AIDS, died as a part off the program that he was administering. The review confirmed that doctors inside the image on nights program had continued to administer the experimental drug Regiment despite multiple signs of liver failure, so toxic ng work environment and they lethal protocol, at least in the AIDS territory that he was working on. Then we have an office of government ethics investigation off his institute, the Nyad, which failed to review and clear two thirds of its workers for moonlighting in private industry. How are.

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