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CBM today show should be there very timely especially if you plan to retire early or maybe you're forced to retire early we're also going to discuss our pension maximization plan you know for some people retirement sneaks up so fast that you feel unprepared Kylie getting all your Christmas shopping done for other people they weren't really planning on retiring soon but now they're being forced to because of a buyout of down size of a company or or even a health problem yeah we see a lot a lot a gun forces all this week and we did you know now some people are listening to this and thinking I wish I was forced to retire early but I tell you from experience from working with people who lost their job or face the health challenge later in life that's no picnic rod you know what I'm saying it's not a picnic now it was a sad thing that we got brought a need a plan if they have a plan we can face the stuff and get it done yeah you know they weren't planning on retiring at that point you know and it came as a bit of a shock to home in a retirement has very little to do with how many candles you have on your birthday cake and having a certain amount of money saving your retirement account really doesn't matter that much either unless you have a well thought out plan you know a plan is a plan do you who would do you really have little money will get a lot of people don't they don't have the plan they have a savings plan they got a four one K. they've got an irate but they don't have a retirement income plan at most of these advisors these knuckle heads out there they're just same OJ we'll put the of throw your money in a bunch of different mutual funds and stock funds and ETFs and you're gonna take out so so much money what you know that's all fine and dandy of what happens what happens when we have another two thousand eight and we see that the market crash.

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