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This is Bloomberg radio Now a global news update Police say one person is dead and another is in critical condition after a grocery store shooting in Richland Washington Officials report they have a person of interest but are not releasing a name as they're still searching for him in a massive manhunt Gas prices could push close to $4 a gallon this summer and experts say part of the reason is because of what's happening halfway around the world Energy industry economists but Weinstein says the Russia Ukraine conflict is bringing fears about what the Kremlin could do Russia is using its oil and natural gas as a political tool Threatening to shut off gas flows in the event of what they see as NATO aggression But he says rising gas prices are more a reflection of the global supply and demand imbalanced production in the U.S. dropped at the start of COVID and is only slowly coming back Several democratic governors are putting an end to mask mandates governor Ned Lamont of Connecticut said he will drop the mask mandate next month He's the third Democrat to do so just today The CEO of Delta Air Lines is repeating his call for the Justice Department to create a no fly list for unruly passengers Michael castner reports delta's Ed Bastian made the plea in a letter to attorney general Merrick Garland bastion said delta appreciates what he calls the welcoming increase in enforcement and prosecutions he then asked Garland to put anyone convicted of an onboard disruption on a no fly list that would bar the person from any commercial air carrier Bastion first call for a no fly list in September I'm Michael castner The number of Americans considered satisfied with government regulations of businesses is at an all time low a new Gallup poll reveals 60% of U.S. residents are giving the regulations the thumbs down Meantime 28% are in favor of the current government rules on businesses That figure is the lowest since 2016 which is the year Gallup started tracking that data I'm Brian shook A navy seal candidate from New Jersey is being mourned after dying during hell week training Kyle Mullen was the 2014 gridiron star manella in high school where football players will now wear his number on their uniforms Mullen who was 24 went on to play football at Yale and Monmouth university He died last Friday following an underwater demolition class in San Diego in which a second seal candidate was injured and remains hospitalized in stable condition The navy is investigating severally Kessler New Jersey A new book by a noted sports writer accuses the NFL of intentionally withholding a report that could have cleared the New England patriot Tom Brady in the deflategate scandal in playmakers Mike florio writes the NFL monitored the pressure of game balls for the entire 2015 season as part of its investigation into allegations that Brady intentionally manipulated the pressure of balls he used those numbers were never released Florio writes the numbers would have shown that atmospheric conditions and temperature resulted in wide fluctuations in ball pressure much like the.

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