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With WTF. That dean lane. Thursday morning September 29th. Welcome to WTO where the time now is four 38. I think it weather all on the age and when it breaks, rich unders with this this morning in the WTO P trafficking. All right, heads up if you're traveling westbound on U.S. 50 leaving cape saint Clair road headed toward route to Ritchie highway there in the process of picking up the overnight paving project. So you can just be careful as you pass by they are backing up along the left you stay right to get by. By the time you are root two, everything's open and you're free and clear, headed toward the valley, but heads up as you approach him, pass inside the bellway and lanham for the new Carrollton metro report of debris in the roadway, possibly a refrigerator one listener thought it was possibly a water heater in the center of the roadway, the extra careful Maryland state highways Maryland state police headed that way. This used caution in the meantime, a little dark there as you come off the beltway, so be careful. Now if you're traveling on the beltway in Maryland through Montgomery and prince George's county's good start, with I 95, the Baltimore Washington Parkway are running well headed down toward the bellway Parkway was also in good shape inside the beltway headed toward the district. No issues on two 70 south headed down toward the development of Bethesda in the district, I two 95 north D.C. two 95 south so far so good. No issues on the freeway. I three 95 or 6 95, still in good shape long suitland park main south capital street early in southwest, long-standing closure from late last night, police action that had closed Galveston to treat southwest between south capitol street and Martin Luther King Jr. avenue last check that was still closed, it was also crash investigation closing Minnesota avenue in both directions just south of Randall circle in southeast and watched for police direction there as a result. Rich hunter WTF traffic

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