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And but no one could decide what happens to a train service if it starts way. Ends in England or stopped England than ends in Wales who is responsible for the contract this is where I was coming in and I was saying about five relations needed. you know because? There's no one you know Inga don't have their own way of making those on of. Be Done the same way as the UK they were left out on this deletion journey over as I. Call It. It was stopped federalization. Radi That's the unique thing about America's government system. We have that federal on top. And then you have each state broken down and they're all under a constitutional. Rule of law and that form of government is very unique and very special to get that fine line balance between all participants. Some yeah. It takes wars and rumors of wars and headaches. Yes he is. Now in pop in together you know this break minutes now. Oh Yeah I was watching a TV show that you allow military was could you imagine the TV procure Coke Yes administer vario comedy program? an. Critical Soccer you know making a prime minister this man becomes Prime Minister June acted. Very funny and he tells her says, well, we've got a problem his official says. we've got a a borrowing cans, migos somewhere in England. They wish they will pay to that nuclear because this was made in the eighties. With Soviet Russia or all of this. On the backdrop of this, it will pay for their budgets and I ironing to the guy saying. You have this prime minister. You know what did they did? They own me you would see ten is me go up against lumber have come out of minutes. Invading. Yeah Kind of. Comes with. A we're going to allow an independent Scotland's independent wheels. You know just from the English on the. Bit Worried dumpy. They GonNa get it from. So I get whether union comes in federalization. y'All all kinds of the. Will was United States separate individual military. They didn't have a big red today. You know you had small right unit and it was mainly the McDonald's all Limitada. Accountancy, the woman the. You know the national. Militia militia. Religion that would you do it? We did not believe in long standing armies and that's the difference. Impact, could you imagine today though united the Minister? From? I wrote South Dakota. Going up. against. The militia. General Civil war was. Same thing. But. We don't need your there'd be many will dig wells like where Wales we were six they always kind of whales. One Punch. That's bit. Because weight of they become one punch. Until after the ambition. Bait US and made us. Up Of. Lives with should he six different countries? So where I live I did not. I. Didn't actually I've been doing. Research in my family history. So I find that by date to one of the NAS rulers of the area I live in. So if you know how I can get my country box. Yes I am what what's funny do we call for that one? it's fine because technically. what I call him find a bit of historical going off the subject. Well I kind find fun is Queen. This second is actually if you could write back into the artistry, the only reason she sits on the throne is because of Henry. Who invaded from an Was Born in. Supporting Way. The only reason, the current queen of England sits on the phone and every queen and King of England since is because of a Welshman. WOHLFART. Welshman. Taking the crown all the. And you. Execute accelerating bockel a civil. We would've. Wouldn't be. But if you check Henry the Sam Comedy Story and Rohbock in, we actually have a common ancestor. So we have a common ancestor. and. You know he's a Cheetah feerick queen is related. Welsh the Welsh royal family. And those six countries are telling over needs to each other on holidays? Did they would have many woods you know between them civil wasn't stuff. This is going back to the twelve under. So they will warring the time you know between cousins is the he's a bit like a will one they say that one was a site between cousins before America involve. So yeah, I can see the point of view in your Magin. If we had our own military forces today going back for stuff like that in Ireland civil that allowed them to have freedom How you see it, but it brother didn't it you know it with with families who probably had on brought one son fighting. Over the British and another son fighting so. You know, yes. Civil war civil boys five than in way they got around this within the United Kingdom is offering deletion hassles yet. Each time they try and eight something away actually ripples service I'm the NHS itself is being. A. In such dire straits in. England. In waitresses well, it has but we have be underfunded like enough secondments of money that we get. So.

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