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A look of stunned resignations starting to show up on the faces of razorback fans they thought they had won the national championship and they should have you thought so too a foul pop fell between carson shatti and jared gates and cole was coming in from right field he had a shot at it nobody caught it three runs then score and oregon state is three outs away from a game to win in maybe the most improbable win in recent college world series history joe casey moves over to center field and clayton who pitched ran is now in left field the seventh game of the year kevin able still on the hill wanna know and the pitch a strike to jack's biggers it's nine one and two for arkansas but they've got a feel like they just got punched in the gut because they did the one one swag said it's one and two i mean you add your ace on the hill the guy who had been money for you at the end of the game you had a pop up and fowler territory with two out this game was over it fell grenier gets a hit lorna delivers a two run bomb as bigger as a ball to to to and here we are instead of a three two win for arkansas national title oregon state with a five three lead in the bottom of the night the two two two biggers at biggers pops up foul territory back into the seats they'll and to estalbishing absolutely astounded and i have no idea what anybody's doing tomorrow pitching wise i assume for arkansas they'll go to campbell if they needed uncertain that's who they're going to go to the question is who could oregon state possibly go to his point grant gambro i think the half doodo thank you hasn't pitching a month but he may have to tomorrow the two two at its low ball three three two on jack's biggers there's still thing going on here if arkansas if there is a game three and they get a lead tomorrow what do they do out of the bullpen they've used poltergeist twice i can't imagine boesky baby for a minute but what do you do wow now the three to pitch at vickers a bouncing ball at a centerfield probation not over yet and the tying run to the plate in the form of eric cole.

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