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That phase of bogged. Anything that makes you look younger at my age is good. That's good that's good. We need all the help we can get he s. We do all right well seeing that. No one wanted to talk to us today. It's okay can happen on my show too. It's just I don't know people just don't I guess they don't WanNA participate? We want. Guess WE'RE GONNA have to start asking people to participate. So that's what I can do. Yeah and we'll get someone on here and they can. They can have fun with for an hour and a half talking about whatever but I hope you got something out of this show today. We didn't bounce around too far and we don't want to become this Jenner. Write the comedy hour. I think we have to work on the comedy so I think you just have a little. You know like making fun of ourselves so I guess if nothing else. That's the key right right that's true. Mike says all self depreciating humour is the key. That's right just ask ROB'S SISTER. Nino what he's known for really is the self deprecating deprecating humor so Mike Dow said BLUR IS SPUN so Martensson test it out but All right so everyone thanks Todd BLUEBERRY DOT com may eat news on twitter Could be on twitter as well at Rob Ren- Lee with to ease and send me an email rob g at Lipson dot com will be back with you and Saturday for a regular show at twelve noon eastern nine. Am Pacific and then. We'll be back with you on Wednesday at the PM. Eastern twelve noon Pacific and join in the live Let us know which is are. We overloading you with the three hours a week right now as you know we are picking up another hour and a half of your time so So let us know but refresh it you hanging out with associated on facebook today muccio gaseous for coming in and saying hello and We'll see what happens next week and podcasting. Let's hope there's some new news between now and Saturday. We won't have much to talk about wall. Always find something. Talk about how we always file some to talk about. That is. That's usually not a problem. No not at all already run We'll see you back here. Saturday at noon live and Thanks for being. We'll make an event to remind you when you next time bye..

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