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The Trump administration is taking a step to boost international pressure against Iran. AP washington. Correspondent saga megani reports. The move is unprecedented. The US's designating Iran's revolutionary guard as a foreign terrorist organization. America has never before used that designation for an entire foreign government entity. President Trump says the move recognizes the reality that Iran's state sponsor terrorism supporter and the Revolutionary Guards and active player. While the administration says the move will further isolate Tehran, the designation could have big implications for American military and diplomatic personnel in the Middle East and beyond since Iran has threatened to retaliate. Saga megani at the White House. The top honor at another country music award show goes to Keith urban AP correspondent Mogae zaraleta has more on Sunday's big winners of the academy of country music awards in Las Vegas. Keith urban pita Jason dean for entertainer of the year. Just moments after alpine was given the artist of the decade award. Dan, shea one the duo award and single of the year for tequila dance. Myer says he thought somebody got the cards mixed up Casey must graves dedicated her female artist of the year trophy to anyone who has been told their perspective is two different to work. She also won album of the year for golden hour. Thomas Rhett won the male artist award. I'm Archie zaraleta? Nineteen sixty nine in the future of two teams hinged on coin flip has come up failed. That coin flip gave the Milwaukee Bucks. The first pick in the NBA draft. And they signed the player they selected in April of nineteen sixty nine Liu L cinder, aka Kareem Abdul Jabbar jabbar's joining the bucks made the team instant contenders for championship. He was on his way to a great career six championships and the league's all-time leader in career points. But he credits much of a success to the players who got in the ball. If you look at the top five men in assists. Magic Johnson Oscar Robertson guy. Rodgers if it wasn't for them and me playing with them you can go and stand in and wait for the guards best ball. And I know a lot of senators out there debt, never never happens. That's an April moment in sports history. I'm Jack schmierer listening to ribbon. I'm Rita Foley with an AP newsman, Ed attorney general William bar goes before congress today to talk about budget matters. But lawmakers are expected to ask him about his review of special counsel. Robert Muller's Russia report, we'll be at a budget hearing before a democrat led how subcommittee where he's expected to face a flurry of questions over the special counsel's report so far bar has released just a four paid summary in this expected in coming days to issue a redacted version of the full report AP Washington correspondent saga megani? Another democrat is elbowing into the presidential race, California congressman Eric's wild, well as announcing he's officially in the running Virginia Texas Tech in overtime to win the men's NCW tournament last night, eighty five to seventy seven Virginia guard, Braxton.

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