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Back the coughing attack. So we've got a starring in stammering octogenarian white woman. I as the leader of the democrat party has and these pseudo leader who want to be leader of the democrat party can't stop coughing. You know, it's that is great that. It's a really good point. And you know, there may be an advantage that could be gained here by by President Trump. If for no other reason than you know, he's really good at the apprentice kind of stuff and setting people kind of against each other. If I'm President Trump, I'm thinking like maybe day one or two of the new congress. I might invite Alexandria Cossio Cortez to the White House for lunch just to have her show up at the White House just to make Nancy go bananas just to just just to make her feel like what are you doing? Got up staged by a millennial. Andrea, whatever her name is Cortes mattress Catholic. I think Nancy actually looks at her with a little bit of envy. It's like, you know, David Horowitz says inside every liberal or progressive of the totalitarian screaming to get out. Just you know pile sixty years on on Alexandria. And that will be Nancy Pelosi Nancy Pelosi wanted to be a socialist. But it just wasn't in vogue at the time. Oh, it's a great point. That's a great way to put it. I can't I would love to hear President Trump talked to Cossio Cortez go. It's so wonderful, you represent queens. I own these buildings in queens. Look at the building I built here in queens. This is awesome. I'm from queens. Do you build in queens? Exactly Jaffa Cheeto goodstuff may Megan Barth is the co chair of red wave pack red wave America pack, right wave America, pack and the media equality project. She serves as the national spokeswoman for media mediaequalizer dot com, which is the leading online watchdog for the intersection of media technology, and politics, and of course, the proprieties or proprietor of Reagan, babe dot com as well. Right. You got it. All right, go go. Go readers stuff. Go read your stuff over there. It's dynamite. Stuff. I always loved catching up with you have a have a lovely rest of the week. We're going to have rain, and then we'll pick it back up next week. How about that sounds great Taty next week breath? Thanks, my friend. That's check. And Megan Barth checking in we still got room on the board for you. If you want to have a thought Neil stay there. I'm gonna come to you. I know you wanna talk about the genetic editing, and I want to give you a fair shot. I don't want to just cut you off your real fast, eight hundred seven sixty K, I'm be it's the Brentwood will show AM seven sixty talk and breaking news, a m seven.

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