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Most sinful cities in America CBS news time ten forty five it is the sports one now which Salvator Ivalice of the marquee match up this Sunday in the NFL will be in Santa Clara tonight Niners and the Packers backers come to town at eight to forty Niners night and one Kyle Shanahan odd trying to keep an even keel with this team with that night a one record you don't get to do this a lot if you sit and get consumed with what that means where you're at it's not fun and you don't play as well so you try to get guys to just know that all that matters is that you work and try to get better and just focus on getting better doing as good as you can you do that we can a week out then you can always live with the results forty Niners and Packers will kick it off I at five twenty from Levi stadium route the raiders the jets are now tied three three early in the second quarter of the jets had a touchdown nullified by a penalty that was late in the opening quarter I Daniel Carlson with a forty eight yard field goal for the raiders Derek Carr so far six of ten for fifty nine yards gosh Jacobs rookie running back only four carries for six yards against the NFL's top ranked defense against the run early games the note the saints league Carolina fourteen to six all in the second quarter I drew Brees with a touchdown pass Baker Mayfield with a couple of touchdown passes and Cleveland leading Miami fourteen and nothing the Seahawks looking for four straight win lead the eagles in Philadelphia at seventy three Russell Wilson with a thirty six yard touchdown pass to Billy Taylor and it is Washington leading Detroit Ted nothing in the second and the bangles try to get their first win of the year scoreless with the Steelers as they play in the second quarter at the sports that's your Salvator KCBS metro the best deal in wireless is on switch to metro and give one full Amazon prime membership included every month.

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