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How is your weekend friend? Really fantastic. I went to see this new play, Leopold stut. Difficult title, isn't it? It's based on this area in Vienna and it takes it from the 1900s to the 19 50s and what happens to a Jewish family living in that area. It is heavy, it is brilliant. It is magnificent. It's the type of stuff you forget about when you go to see Beauty and the Beast and all those Disney shows, which I love. I love them. I'm not putting them down. I love a Mamma Mia!, but occasionally a really smart player. It's thrilling, absolutely thrilling. What about you, Garret what did you do? I went to go see a one artist named Post Malone on Friday night. And the culture. I know. From Post Malone to the 1950s on Broadway, I mean, we cover it all here. Rob shooter, as I watched the show and it's one of those shows where you go, I know more songs than I thought I did. But then you realize, it got like him, he's not, and you compare him to someone like a Kanye who, you know, has forgotten about music. You go, this guy stays out of trouble, is overall a great person. Does well has a family. You want to see a guy like him just win. You want to see Post Malone win. You want to see him win. And he's winning, where was he playing? He's all in the New York area, so he started in Jersey on Friday. He was out in Long Island last night, and I think he does the garden sometimes. If you'll play in the garden, you are winning congratulations. Go see this play too, if you're in New York and you want to see a really smart, really sophisticated, really masterpiece of a play, Leopold statue can say your friend rob shooter told you oh about it. Hey, let's jump into the show. One time is it my Friends? It is. Two time. So Adam Levine's wife, the hottie. I love that name, but how do you is making her parents knew that she was hot? Well, yeah. She's gonna grow up and people are gonna be calling her hot, you know what I mean? I think it's a really clever thing, did she? Did she match her name? Or was she gonna always be really super hot? I don't know what comes first here. Maybe if you name your child wonderful, they become wonderful. Maybe I should be wonderful shooter. Who would you be? I think I would be fantastic. Fantastic. I friend of mine is called sunshine. And I think that's his last name. And I love that name. Isn't it? Ken sunshine. Isn't that a brilliant name? I love it. I know. So but hardy's making her feelings towards her nobody husband very, very clear. She was spotted standing by her man there were recently at a charity concert together. They were spotted backstage. They were walking arm in arm, so that's a good sign. They're expecting their third child together so the Victoria's Secret's angel was also seen on the side of the stage cheering and dancing. She was loving her husband's show and we just spotted them too. At a beach together, they were enjoying the beach over the weekend the couple were spotted in California with their two daughters dusty, love that name 6, and Gio, who's four, and they got a bike together, they were all on their bicycles, they went down to the beach, there were spotted on the beach here just to remind everybody, Adam has been a huge of having some very strange conversations some are saying in affairs. Some are saying entanglements. It's a very Will Smith word, isn't it? With different ladies on TikTok and social media, a yoga instructor came forward saying he aggressively pursued her as well, so lots of accusations about Adam and pursue me. I think he's straight. I think that's what the thing is here. And so are you Garrett? You forgot about that. And so the two of you who conversations on social media do you have them? You just said you slide into people's can scan it to people slide into yours, where are you on all this? I will know. There are obviously is a line. It's kind of just sketchy, you know? Like, she's pregnant. He's doing this like maroon 5 just signed to a Vegas residency, like there's more. So it only leads to believe that not that she's okay with it, but there's some type of maybe understanding that you and I will never hopefully not just understand, but we'll never have to understand this, but there is a really interesting question here. What makes your pack your bags and leave, you know, we're not a political show, but for years, Hillary Clinton was really sort of savagely attacked for not leaving Bill Clinton and you think about it, I've not been in this position, but I have friends who have, do you leave? Can you forgive this? I was thinking about it knowing we were going to be talking about it today. And if Bruce had some sort of relationship online, they didn't actually meet, but there was some flirting over text. Would I be okay with that? I think I would Garrett. You and I flirt over text pretty much every day. And I always go, you know what rob shooter, you're a married man to get out of here. You're very, very good about this. I've had text conversations with people that looking back if I read those texts now. I'm not exactly proud of. There could be red the wrong way, so you have to be careful. With text messages though, especially in the quote unquote social media world, that's the problem. How many times not just in the flirtatious way, but we get text messages and we read it one way. But it's being meant to be said another way, but we don't know that because the person sending it is only writing it and not speaking it. Absolutely, your friend, your boss over there, Elvis Duran. Elvis and I text each other the most naughty things and if they ever got exposed, people would realize it was too Friends actually laughing and joking recently there was an incident with a weather man in New York and a friend sent me pictures. Oh, remember when Justin Bieber was caught without his pants and I sent you the picture and you were at a baseball game. So awkward. I'm standing on standing on the field at Yankee Stadium. And rob shooter see one rupture to get to text message. I know it's important not only because he has come across something and he came across some stomach. Some something. Some photographs. They should have given you a heads up on that. So it's very interesting that they are together, they're going to stay together most sources are saying, she's very aware of this. She's not a fool. She's not turning a blind eye. She knows what's going on here, but she's made a choice. And that is our question of the day, but hottie is standing by her husband Adam Levine, amid their relationship scandal. We can call it a scandal, I guess. Is she making the right choice or the wrong choice? What would you do? Right choice or wrong choice.

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