Jeff Sessions, Paul Houle, River Ridge High School discussed on Sean Hannity


A Pasco detectives have. Charged a river ridge high school student with threatening her school in. Newport Ritchie, sheriff Chris nocco says seventeen year old. Caitlyn to Shays oh confessed to writing quote bombs will be placed on campus tonight in a girl's bathroom nocco says students need to realize this is serious, they're a real victims. That lost their lives because Individuals went through school and started shooting people there, are also real families are scared to death every. Day to send their. Kids to school it won't be tolerated and no matter what you. Think is, a good reason there is no good. Reason the student has been charged with two felonies A father and son in Sarasota had been arrested after they were found passed out in. A hot car with two young children in the back seat police say fifty one year old Paul Houle and twenty. Two year old Paul Houle, the third or. Passed out drunk in the front, seat with a four year old and a two year old in the back unresponsive and dehydrated the windows were. Up and no AC was on two bottles of Rahman and, open beer were found in the car both men face several charges including child neglect there's a hurricane threatening the US but. It's about as far from Florida, as it, can get lane is a cat for bearing down on. Hawaii the first major. Cyclone to make landfall there in twenty-six. Years ten to thirty inches of rain forecast through the weekend, and landslides are already happening on the big island as. The storm's Outer Banks close in CBS news. Weather producer David Parkinson says the storm speed makes it particularly dangerous it is barely moving it's. Moving at seven miles an hour so this thing is continuing to slow down. And appears calm and that's. The big concern that we're going to continue You to pound the. Big island with more rain potentially up. To a foot and a half in some spots right now maximum winds are at one hundred thirty miles per hour residents are being told to expect widespread. Power outages and to be prepared to shelter in place with fourteen days of supplies President Trump is tearing into attorney. General Jeff Sessions again telling, Fox News that. He put an attorney general that, never took control of the Justice department Trump has been angry for more than a year since sessions recused himself. From the investigation into Russian interference in the two thousand sixteen, election people would say oh but you appointed Jeff Sessions.

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