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That sounds like dorothy parker now reminds me of something parker would say um but anyway so so so when gloria graham was in her fifties which of course then in those days was considered the downs flight of your career something where she was in english she was doing a lot of theater in so he met her while she was doing a play and they thought they really fell in love i mean here was this twenty followed kid ultra and 55 yeah so this is tom this is a this based on a true story at a that banning plays the uh fifty something gloria clam jamie belt lays peter turner and what happened was that the the romance was relatively short live but the friendship remained and when she became deathly ill in while she was doing a play in england she called him and said i need to come to your house cook she has grown very close with his family and he ended up they ended up taking her end to their little working class house in liverpool and it's just a charming story the memoir itself is a very sweet book the movie you know i wanted we were talking about the other day day arch and i were agreeing to we wanted to like it more than we actually did uh i mean it's a it's a very sweet story and um both of the actors i think we're swell i i wanted a little bit more i don't think people who don't know who gloria graham is we'll get it at all you know like who she was and why this is extraordinary sown so this movie that will appeal two point three percent of the world then maybe but you know but it's the point three that still goes to movies i'll cut out i mean like it's the people who still do go to the movie theater um and and go to the art house to go see movies so it's a nice it's a it's a nice sweetnatured story i think i wanted a little bit more substance of from it i like that banning i've always she's loving it's a it's a great performance i mean i i was a little bit he kind of plays are a little bit kitten ish and i kind of felt like gloria graham was more catlike you know what i mean like he was a grown up caps utilize the.

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