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Just kind of shocking. Forty two percent player ends up. It just shows the kind of opportunities that tom. Brady's offense will provide an explosive running back us. And when you have a game of twenty three carries for a hundred and ninety two yards you kind of you. Kind of knocked out fifteen games right there instead of the fourteen. You actually played all right. Mike evans you've got to be confident. Starting him in week one antonio brown take it for what you will. Which is a bunch of bruce. Arians smoke but Says he's playing like five years ago and the smoke emanating from arriens just his aura as a very high guys paik. Yeah he's warm at all times smoke emanating from him just never seen but more actual smoke read human being in my life. He's converted his skin. Color is the tampa bay team. He like a like a chameleon. I he went from the cardinals to the. That's it he says all you can do or or maybe like maybe you know. The shirts is just like when he puts it on his rubbing off. I don't know but He needs to take a deep breath. Yeah calm down through meditation. Bruce just won a super bowl. This would be the year where he could kind of normal color again right. No he will. Never he's always like donald duck ya blowed. Yeah he needs to go the bills. You know what. I mean like technically quail the blue. Yes in the cold didn't he. Technically he retired from the cardinals. He left the cardinals on health. Wink wink it will definitely had nothing to do with the depleted roster. That anyone with nfl ability could see was heading for the dumpsters team. Looks like they're about to get the number one. Pick my heart. Rob gronkowski is starting this. Yes i think so. I ki- i. We brought this up. But i would rather play rob gronkowski this week. Over noah fant Fan dealing with you know whatever leg issue he's got going on. And what if one of your friends signed rob gronkowski. So you can't do that. Is that what you did. No mike did. I did i. I think he's a sneaky. Start but oj howard. Being there. at. I mean he's still tight end on the roster for the box and like rob gronkowski. It's it's hard to really track down. What what she you know was it that he was acclimating to the offense. You know he didn't really have he had retired and he came out of retirement to go. Join the buccaneers. Slow start or was that slow start because oj howard was around and then when howard went down with the injury that's when gronk really started to flourish in this offense so that's that remains to be seen for me The i mean you guys talked about how much tom brady likes. Antonio brown is one of the reasons why you like antonio brown this year. That is certainly true of rob gronkowski in that connection over the years So that's something to consider. I am kind of taken aback by something. Al borland our producer has alerted me to Wait this isn't real. Isn't a apparently in july. Bruce arians set on sirius. Xm that he had a stomach pump twice as a child for drinking paint. So that could wonder what color that eight was. Read those becker. Two thousand seventeen. Yeah but okay but twice as the real question me wants. Allies ninety eight some mean brothers. That was my takeaway want to return to the paint. Can well it's delicious here yet is also kids. Don't drink paint if i didn't know it already. Don't drink nine good for you. In fact i was back at when paint had lead in it was really delicious. They took that out in the taste just went to the crapper a good reminder here the are fantasy football. There's the podcast. Yeah if you play Daily fantasy definitely subscribe this year. Kyle betts gonna take care of you. They have they have supported so many listeners. Over the last few years when it comes to dfs strategy picks. It's a great lesson and they're taking it up a notch this year. They're doing a a notch up notch. Okay used to be the one show released on over the weekend. They're doing two shows a week this year. Who also tuesday's show was entire devote them for that are we. You know we've never pay them. A cent never will But yeah tuesday. Show was entirely devoted to the showdown game of this match. Ups if you want more insight more You know an entire episode for the defense strategy of playing this game yeah. Listen to tuesday's episode. All right wrap up. Today's podcast reminding. You can check us out on youtube. Youtube dot com slash. The fantasy footballers the community has joined the foot dot com.

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