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Hundred times the rate we were back in March yes there are still some of it is absolutely from increased a year but but one of the issues is increase after I increased hospitalizations and that's not for me grease testing but I'm glad to see you in calling for people to wear masks and I assume that that also means Ali and called me up people should be wearing masks of the trump rally in Tulsa this Saturday at well okay I will admit that probably that audio courtesy of CNN no word if the trump campaign will follow the guidelines set out of course officials are are warning against that rally that is coming up on June twentieth and we'll bring you more on that throughout the hour here on A. F. and back to Larry Kudlow he claimed the corona virus was contained in February now stocks are turning broadly as investors reevaluate their expectations for economic growth which many skeptics have been saying were overly optimistic analysts say cases are still growing in various nations including emerging economies and without a vaccine relaxing lockdowns and re opening travel could bring on further waves of the cases Nike and the NFL and a growing number of other businesses will give their employees a day off for Juneteenth for the first time this year Juneteenth of course commemorates the June nineteen eighteen sixty five when major general Gordon Granger went to Galveston Texas to announce the end of the civil war and slavery Texans began celebrating the day a year later with parades and parties it's not a federal holiday but most states observe it in some way businesses have been forced to re examine their policies after pressure from employees and of course the ongoing protests and Starbucks is creating its own black lives matter shirt for employees to where if they choose it comes after coffee chain reportedly initially banned employees from wearing black lives matter gear the shirt depicting protest signs with phrases including black lives matter speak up in time for change social media blew up over news reports that Starbucks had told employees in a memo they could wear black lives matter shirts or other paraphernalia because it might.

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