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Imagine there are many implications to this power shut off including schools that are closing many school districts closing today throughout much of northern half of the state because of the power outages were gonna give you a list of a few of them gold oak union school district in Eldorado county cancel classes today mother lode union school district cancel classes today and tomorrow Placerville union school district schools closed today rescue union school district in Eldorado county has been canceled classes on Wednesday today and Selanne community college they're closing all four of their campuses today and there will be no online classes as well and the planned power outages are not expected to impact patients at local hospitals emergency manager Christina Spurgeon of UC Davis hospitals says they have backup generators things like the operating room the patient rooms the procedural areas all of our important refrigerated good and medications are all on emergency power officials with Sutter health say they are in communication with P. Jeannie regarding any potential power shut off plans we have much more on the power outages we will throughout the morning but we want to get you some stuff that happened overnight and cut in terms of impeachment yes be impeachment is in the news a morning as well we're gonna get reaction from frustrated Fiji any customers in one minute but here's the latest on impeachment governor Newsome says he supports impeaching and removing president trump from office in an interview with the Associated Press he said that the president should be impeached was completely corrupt president is pretty obvious objective when I try to tear down the California brand he is he is a political frame exclusively it has no merit it has no purpose it has no soul it's devoid of all of that and that's why Donald Trump will likely be a one term president and that's why he is on his way to be impeached governors and it's been a harsh in very public critic of president trump the governor said that while he believes the house will vote to impeach the president he does not expect the Senate to convict him all right back to P. Jeannie and the plans to cut power to a whopping eight hundred thousand northern Californians over fears high winds could topple power lines and start fires are featured audio clip this hour is from you our listeners the calls are pouring in and people are not happy here's an example of some of the calls we've received so far what I'm done their due diligence over a lot twenty thirty years we wouldn't have issues today so not only are we gonna pay with power outages happen to buy generators or rocks are going to have to pay for the flyers that they started how can they expect us to support that I don't that's why we're looking to leave California well my husband on oxygen around the clock and they haven't mentioned anything about home care for people because there's a lot of people that are still in their homes and they have to have electricity for oxygen and stop so many I wish they comment on that I think it's outrageous that the governor and the legislature not reacting to this this is clearly a political stunt by P. Jeannie to force the legislature give them immunity so they don't get sued for the fires nothing is changed with the weather between this year and brought you prior years it's all a political stunt and the governor the legislature are doing nothing what I have to say about P. Jeannie cannot be put over the air waves according to FCC regulations all right we thank you for that but when you are continuing to call we do take those calls pound two fifty on your mobile we would like to hear from you say open Mike and then it'll let fly because we're gonna be playing these phone calls throughout the morning and you can reach us on social media already have had a couple of people pop in on on my Facebook page to say like Loomis is you know power went out right after midnight so I posted on my Facebook page last night in the comments came pouring in this was let out before they even started shutting off by the way governor Newsome is just issued a statement a release and he says that in his estimation that California's have the right to be outraged over the let's get you this hour's top national stories a news ninety three point one KFBK from ABC news I'm sherry pressed in the White.

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