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It was a bowling Green State University w F A. L W B G of the two stations. And, um, I from that point I'm like I'm a do this. And so I started, you know, spending all my time to the point where I spent so much time and at the radio station on campus almost got kicked out of school because of great. That was a clicker. Careful, careful balance, and then they'll long story short. I wind up getting a job, and Toledo was kind of like the dating of Cincinnati and want to Toledo worked in radio there while I was going to school full time. And came back into the morning show the college stations and did effort. Entirety of my career bowling green and been doing that ever since we reached that. That 200 miles away. Did you listen to this station while you were in radio in Toledo? What's weird about it? I'll tell you this will is interesting story is, you know you often hear about because when you go to school, as you know, going to Toledo and of course savior you meet people from other parts of the state. Other parts of the world are part of the country. And it seems like and you know this is true. There's a dividing line. There's a North South dividing line that runs probably through Columbus that there's a northern part of the state in the southern part of the state, and this is the southern part of state. I had no recollection. I didn't know about WLW Gary Burbank. Billy Cunningham at all, but people from Cincinnati would rave about it. And then when I was here doing I was a visit something like that. There's he signs up to just add Burbank. I said, That's a cool radio station. If you could just put a billboard up, but the guy's name on it like that's a big any commodity County news del. W. But up in in those days, it wasn't am Maura talk radio was like W. M. M s in Cleveland and Wi, OT and Toledo and all these big rock stations that was bailing the mind set up there and talk radio back then was just in its infancy. So Yeah, it wasn't until probably the nineties that I learned about all W the history and then eventually went up working here. Despite the fact you interviewed me and I turned you down. You remember that? Tell Jimmy about the interview that in the office had the good sense of running. This would have been 98. 99 2000. Yeah, right. And I was in charge. So here's Willy coming him. This is the best Christmas story ever and I, Tony Bender was our program director up there at the time. He was running between Cleveland between Cincinnati in Toledo because they fired a bunch of people up there that weren't working out. The station was terrible. He's like, Listen, you sound okay. Do that. I was doing the afternoon show there. He's like, we gotta get you down in Cincinnati. 55 care. See the filming for bed, Barry? Back in the day. Hey there anyways. What? What s so that There were any way Come down. They're looking to move Mike McCollum, what The time was doing What 10 A.m. to two tended to ridiculous. It began at 9 to 2. So they wanted to get mechanical parts. Why don't we bring you down for an audition? So I did a couple days and mid day? Uh, I vaguely remember that and I'm like, Oh, my God, I'm coming from Toledo. I've been in talk radio all of six months. And I'm coming getting called up to the big, big team. Now that To audition, so I come down. I remember you were the operations manager that when program drug and director and also did night I also did nights nine to midnight. And the first time I met Bill Cunningham. I came down. I tried here in Mount Adams. I'm trying to find it to Mount Adams. From Toledo can driving down after my show at 6 P.m.. It's like 11 o'clock at night. I'm driving in circles, and this is before you know Google maps and everything else. I can't find this place and in my mind, and I'm driving around, I drove her to get the hour and I feel I went through Eton Park. I went to North Where the hell am I? I'm asking people they don't know where the station is. No. Finally, finally come up Bill Cunningham and I was on time. And even though I left early, Billy Yeah. Why? What's happening at the home? Amazing steaks, if anything like well, and I, anyway, does something right? Right. I'm talking back anyway. So here's the story of Willie. So this this is wild later calls me down. In addition, I do. Mike Smith show everything's good there like I was like what you had to say it. Coming, Willie I've done at noon. He comes in after a couple days of doing this. I have a sit. Sit down on the couch up, man. Let's have a chat. I go in the office. I sit down on this couch. He goes. Tell me what you want to do in five years. If anything So I said, Well, I want to hold on a second segment. Simon, stay right there said Bad luck, man. He goes running down up smacked by smell by running down the hall. I'm like that's kind of weird on something's going up. All right. He comes back in 20 minutes later. Oh, so what were we talking about? Why not? What do you What do you see your role at this station? If any Give me an update. So I well, Mr Cunningham, I hold on a second. There's food. Do you want some food? There's a chilling I'm allowed a second and he goes running off like a mania. So I sit there for another 10 15 minutes. I'm thinking. I don't know what's going to. It's just got. So finally I'm get up to leave. Because I don't leave just yet. I gotta I gotta meeting but I want to catch up with you. I'm like, Well, give me a call. So I just leave him like this Is Kay calls me like a couple days later. Well, I've discussed it and we want to offer you the job like Willie. I'm good, Thanks for the offer. But no, you turned me down long pause and it sounded like I kicked this dog and I'll never forget the stand in my kitchen in Toledo. And he's telling me Well, you could just tell Billy is a man who has never been turned down by una No. I said, Yeah, I'm good. I'm not. I'm not coming down now my mind, I'm going. There's no way I'm like. I'm working for this lunatic. I thought I was getting ah, punked because I thought there's a camera because there's no way any human being would conduct in it. There's no way the station could be that good. If he's in charge is what I'm thinking to myself. I said No, I'm staying in Toledo. Couple years later, Dil Parks you get fired. They bring Daryl Parks. I'm reassigned girl. Girls like he brings me in front of you. It's normal in my all right taking the job. That's the story of my first time. I met Billy cutting him and he hasn't changed. What did I offer you if anything, as far as the shift? I think he wanted, like, noon to two. Or do we need somebody do too and moving down noon to two. And I'm thinking, Plus, you're an idiot. I'm not working for this is the big one man that this is the Reds and the Bangles. No way. The greatest AM station in the country of Uprooting my family Well, In a candid quit her job, and I'm gonna move to Cincinnati Toe work for this moron. That's not going to. There's no way the station is going to be successful. It can't be successful with this guy film. It's impossible. It turns out I was right because they fired you a few weeks later. What happened is I go to Randy Michaels. And I said, Randy, I got this crazy idea. He said..

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