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Teacher's aide every <hes> paraprofessional to every <hes> custodial engineer that started party school today happy first day of school. I hope that all went well. I can say at dawson elementary middle school <hes> we had an excellent time with the clap in and to all of the men that came out and supported that clap in today. Thank you and god bless you. It really really made a difference in the lives of our youth and <hes> the children just continue to exclaim about it and even the parents continued to explain about it so i just wanted to say the work that you all did the hour or that you all volunteer. It has so much impact and we're looking forward to partnering with you all more <hes> in fact. We have a this little plug here. I'll put it there. We have an event this saturday from ten a._m. To two p._m. At dawson elementary middle school and would love to see you all out us our back to school events so so yeah make sure you do that but to all the teachers administrators faculty staff everyone in there as we would say their respective places right yeah so <hes> definitely really glad about that and now tonight tonight tonight we have the man the myth the legend pastor the andre riley welcome to the show sir so so glad to be here. Thank you so much for <hes>. Allow me on your platform. You know notices a great thing that you have gone on and i haven't people dropped their destinies in their futures and some just glad to be here to be able to share a little bit of information today. Oh yeah absolutely man the last time you and i were together. I believe with brother jesse. Was it around like a father's day believe so i think it was leading up to father's day in the whole focus was fatherhood so yeah yeah that was almost when maybe you're almost night have been a year goal or might even might have been a your to your but man i see you doing great and awesome things man i love the way got is using you <hes> particularly especially addressing the same domains that we look at on the drawing board with his family ministry community and career absolutely but triggering green all understanding that it begins with relationship so congratulations to you and your wife man. I saw you guys traveling on the plane yeah so yeah so that got us there in a mighty way used you all as a unit. I love it when i see <hes> young couples operating in whatever god has called them to do whether whether it's business or ministry but moving as a unit so i like the pitch this to you i was talking to my kids about this today. Oh not today but <hes> over the weekend and dan i explained to them why i don't allow them to argue with each other's said i said this is that i know you might think is just that you know being dad right and i said well what i'm really really sharing with you is there's no issue greater than preserving the unity of our family because when we unify there's there's nothing that's impossible for us. You know i use scripture whatever to a more touchy sorry. That's one of my favorite scriptures because i i literally believed that if we coming coming ingredient about something that numbers twenty three to god is not a man that he's sir. He said if we if we agree in the father in heaven will do that thing so i told them about that man and you know how unity plays a huge part of and you know i ought scriptures are coming to mind you know how to together all of those things but guy has given you a special mandate so really train and equip and talk about the raw real issues as it relates to young married very couples..

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