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Leeann leeann good morning, president. She has landed in North Korea for a historic trip to appeal young. Bloomberg's Karen Lee says the trip comes as US talks with both China and North Korea, stumble, it also case, a renewed rotary between the two neighbors, and since Donald Trump, a message about Beijing's broader influence a head of trade talks. She at the g twenty summit in Japan for Kim Jong UN, it's another chance to show, his options beyond a third meeting with Trump after their last summit collapsed in Hong Kong. Karen Lee, Bloomberg daybreak Europe for the first time in the European Union's history, the jobs are being contested once being books Maria today says we owe back for more host trading is easily finger out who will get wont in the European Commission. Now, there are a number of competing interests in particular, when you look at the French and the German government, but the head of the European Council, Donald tusk is optimised that a compromise will be found having said that there is already speculation. But an emergency summit may be needed by the end of next week to break the deadlock in Brussels Maria today, Bloomberg daybreak Europe and jozy, Linda six-month firearms buyback has opened the government's already bound semi automatic weapons. Use in the Christ Church mosque terror attacks, which killed fifty one people in Mont one hundred and thirty six million dollars has been set aside for the huge logistical exercise and Finally President Putin holds annual direct line Cullin show with ordinary Russians today. Bloomberg's Antony helping says this comes amid simmering discontent,.

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