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And so he said someone face to. Yes. And look you, and I look we started the year talking about positively on social media. And I and I said, and I'll say it again, you know, I think everyone is entitled to constructive criticism. If you feel passionately about something, you should also be able to put that in a message that is getting your point across without having to resort to name calling and bullying and harassing and all the rest of it stuff that usually social media is very quick to to bring out in people. Yeah. And I think it's because partly station media does allow people to say things Papp's they wouldn't ever same face if they met, and I totally agree. It's it's it's takes me is great when you can have sensible conversations, we will have different points of view and. People can kind of respect other people's different points of view. But when it's named cooling, and even I find even when I try and explain things people ask, and I try and explain things, and then constantly being called names or no, you're wrong. You're wrong, New York. Well, okay. I can only say that certain amount of times we're trying to explain the set amount of time. And then frankly, it's just not worth engaging which the shame because I've always really enjoyed engaging with people and social media. But I think that you know. As Emily Nash said, my good friends of mine and his Emily said Jewish Kotei young children, and it it's just she's got better things to do. It starts affecting your mental health say Kate and make an William and Harry started the heads together campaign all about chocolate after mental health and trying to be nicer to each other. And do we really think that they would want their fans to be doing this? I think it's great that think campaigns like this get the conversation going. I know there was some some comeback predictably on social media against the campaign because people were saying actually, the problem isn't here the fan groups, the problem is the press. I think when you're looking at the bigger picture everyone has a role to play in this. Whether you are one social media user with a follow following of ten people or you are a national newspaper or TV organization with millions of us. Every. Has that responsibility to think before they right or put a headline to something whatever. And of course, we have seen a lot of negative stories about Meghan pretty much since the day that she came on the scene some of those being avert racist, some Susser and some not at all merely just being kind of bitchy in the way that tabloid magazines and newspapers can be as specifically online where it's all about really, you know, we call it. Click pay, but is trawling, you know, a lot of these stories that kind of trolling for attention. Yeah. I think everyone. Hey. Hey writes about royalty and celebrity in general Rayleigh has to look at their role. And I definitely agree. I think the major have to look at that role. And what that during I think people who all she say, whether you go won't follower million followers. You have to be responsible for actively what you're publishing in public. It's and I think I think all of us have got to look at what we do. And you write some of the trolling against Meghan. And some of the things have been cited being horrendous. I find it quite upsetting. Some things have been said about Meghan. I on the Frazier fight pregnancy. I mean, I really hope that will. We know we know that she has seen some of these things it's been upset by them and all would be upset by them. And the fact that if she were not of mixed raise these things probably wouldn't have a racial edge. They would probably still be ninety horrible things. But in a way, the fact that she's. Of mixed race gives everybody an opportunity to stop think. How miss be proceed how other people read this? Maybe I might not think this is mean or Snyder racist, but actually, maybe other people might think, and actually let's stop and think and try and see this opportunity to improve standards everywhere..

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