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Look all i'm saying is that it was just about puppies all i'm saying is that i think we need to be a little bit less critical of other people's sexual identity and especially this is coming from the lgbt community i didn't see a single straight person saying anything about this fucking shit the toxically among the elderly t q community in regards especially to bisexual pants actual and trans people eighties insane to me and it makes me so angry because all of the negativity that i've experienced about my sexuality the most harm that i've ever felt and the shit that i most internalized came from other queer individuals in the community and that is wrong we should be lifting each other up like you said if someone tells you of their experience or their identity take that as the truth because they would know yuno you're not gonna like i just think they're so much 'gatekeeping and what i mean by gay keeping is like there's all these people that have like all of these standards and pressures and rolls that they feel like every lgbt person has to adhere to in order to be like considered worthy or at all accepted in this community and like isn't that hard enough to come from government like we have people that literally can't could be fired at any minute from their job we just got marriage equality you know what i mean like people that literally get fucking traumatized at work for using a certain bathroom for dressing in a certain uniform if you're working for a java has uniforms asking people to use certain pronouns or call them by their current maim their real name now like there's so much other shit that's happening that we really got to worry about whether or not rita ora is a true by like i just feel like if she says that these are experiences then cool that's rita.

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