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The official truck of the nfl does he just raise the bar it is the bar joining us the preview tomorrow night's game is the voice of thursday by football on westwood one the great irony eagle iin what's up the brother warrior and just like that we're back there the rio unbelievable yard it you're right it is a quick turn around and i think the players feel it and when you're banged up like the houston texas are right now you feel it even more so 5 guys have already been ruled out of this game and most of them are tight end they legitimately have no tight end to work where they have after a promote agai on their practice squad to be the only healthy tighterknit evan baylor as a rookie out of oregon ziff is that steps cousin i i believe not order were jared's jared's brother maybe if you're looking for the call the more night you never know skipping entity and air ago ago it before we actually get into the text and the bank was now iin was the coal for the rand's the colts cavernous coliseum what was the bigger surprised you the fact that jared golf actually looked functional over the fact that they were forty thousand empty seats yeah i i've been to la now twice in the last three weeks we had a preseason broadcasts there as well and that which la versus la i was charges against the rams in there may have been eighteen thousand people for that game this is a ninety thousand seat stadium and i would say there were thirty five thirty seven five in that range british seasonopener it in the interests will level is not what they anticipated in la they didn't have a team there for twenty one years now they've got two teams and nobody is hold that locked into their stay there was no bars in los angeles about the rams where the charters for that matter and now the ramp to get to where i'm that might change some opinion they did play well cough look good in the culture not very good guy and even with a helping hand to lock their roster is just not up to snuff right now we had eric dickerson on yesterday and obviously you've been elevated to a vice president of development with the rams and one of the.

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