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Dallas, SMU, Texas Department Of Criminal discussed on Science and the Sea


Tsa news i'm john mark dempsey texas attorney general ken paxton has ordered to more school districts to stop unlawful electioneering activities accusing them of using state funds to endorse a political candidate paxton's office said friday that it has issued cease and desist letters to school districts in elegant and galena park texas appeals court has ruled in favor of a gun right's activist in waller county north of houston who had complained that county officials were unlawfully barring firearms from being brought into a public building the finding reversed a lower court ruling the texas prison system has agreed to revise its policy and retrained staffers after a lawsuit filed by a transgender woman passion star sued saying the texas department of criminal justice didn't protect her from being beaten and raped attorney damola gordon with lambda legal says star was ignored or called a snitch when she complained to them placed in isolation she spent i wonder if they call close to a year if not more in in a tiny cell where she was in there for upwards of twenty three or four hours a day having no contact with anyone states agreed to improvements to ensure vulnerable people can be identified and protected imprison the settlement also means star who finished her fourteen year prison term for aggravated kidnapping we'll get an undisclosed sum of money barbara schwartz tsn news the faa is watering some changes after that helicopter crash in new york that killed two people from north texas dallas firefighter brian mcdaniel in recent smu graduate trevor cadigan were both killed in the crash the helicopter they were riding in had the doors removed to let passengers take unobstructed pictures the faa now says helicopter operators and passengers should be aware of the hazards from supplemental restraint devices used on those doors off lights and it's banning those types of flights that involve restraints that cannot be quickly removed the event of an emergency they're also conducting a thorough review of their rules for those doors all flights steven picker hiring tsn news it seems margarita villas closer to us than we thought.

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