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As I speak Keith, is it crazy to think of like Eddie luring Pacquiao to the UK to fight Connor Ben? Right, and obviously it would be a huge event in the UK. I mean, for sure. Yeah, we shouldn't discount him working with other promoters at this point either. But do not put him in the ring with whatever they do. Don't put him in the ring with you on Ennis. To a lesser degree Virgil Ortiz, but geron is Manny Pacquiao in a different country than Jordan. But don't don't you think this ends, it's going to end for him with him knocked out cold. Probably the only way this is going to be. It's unfortunate. We've already seen it, right? We saw it. We saw it almost ten years ago. He was not unconscious by Juan Manuel Marquez, and I remember tweeting that night. It's been a great career. And at that point, he was only 32 or whatever he was. I mean, 32 years old. I was like, man, that was vicious, and he's been through a lot of tough fights. Maybe that's enough. And then he came back and look what he did. So who knows, you know? I hope Freddie tells him not to do it. He won't, but I hope Freddy's always said like he'll tell him when it's time. It feels like it's time. And I think he's already told him that. And he ignored it. He ignored it. Don't work with him though. Do you really want to be responsible or partly responsible for him getting knocked out cold by one of these top guys at one 47? I don't know. I would. Connor bendo is interesting to me because Connor Ben has not been tested yet by a guy that could punch and I think that's purposeful. That'd be a fun fight in the UK. Pacquiao wasn't in the era necessarily of Nigel benn, but was closer to it than others. Fighting Connor Ben at one 47. You could develop a story around that and that would sell out Wembley to do that fight in the UK. That'd be a massive event. Yeah, no, I agree, Chris, bring Pacquiao over there and it would be a great way for Connor Ben, even though Pacquiao is 43 years old. Conor Ben beats him, it still takes him to another level, of course. There would be an enormous event. So that's not a bad idea. And he becomes more mainstream in the U.S., which he's not right now. As big as he is in the UK and growing in the UK, nobody casual really knows him in the U.S.. That's a fun fight. See, look at us. We're creating. Tell your people over there at the zone. Make it happen, you know? Anyone can do it. Wow. We'll end it with that, Keith. Keith, Keith edict, read his stuff over at boxing scene dot com follow him on Twitter at idec box and Keith. I will Amazon you some socks for your appearance. I don't want those fruit and a loom underwear. Don't send me that cheap stuff, you know? Absolutely not. All right, man, I'll talk to you soon..

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