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Your your opinion, right? And then later when we open up the mailbox, I'll report on that. Thank you, Dave. In it. That's the way it is. This has been the top six and six with Bob Suraj on WGN Radio Way have extremely local news coming at you today. And the Black Club Chicago. People have some good stories and I have them behind me here. Hang on a second. Right here. We're gonna be talking about film production studio. And the Avondale area. And there's some controversy about that. Also in a living park, neighbors air pushing to rename calmer park there and then pretty amusing story about I don't know whether you saw this on social media. The guy who froze his trousers and turned him into Dibs. Used his pants to mark a parking space. But yes, all that's coming up and we need when we talk to Karen Conti Attorney County law about the impeachment trial, and also she's got some Valentine's Day issues to discuss because she specializes in family law, and divorce is and so forth. But I have to ask her about that viral video that everybody's talking about. You see it that zoom legal conference and one lawyer had it out. Yeah, the cat filter by mistake, right? The voice of the lawyer matches the cat's face perfectly. It's pretty good. And I guess the guy couldn't couldn't turn it off. So we'll have all that more for you to their good to have you with us on your morning drive and news is coming up right after these communications, some Western philosopher once said, the point of life is helping each other get through it. These days, Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Illinois understands we're all looking.

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