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Five rob water so it only took a half in houston and yes there is a lot of its site bend over this shawn watson making his first nfl appearance that counted mark vandermeer on the houston texans radio network so watson becomes the first cubicle change of the season at the half he goes twelve of twenty three for one hundred two yards i touched down and a pack but jacksonville also sacked him four times so the jags defense had sacks as well as three turnovers forest against the houston texans in their own stadium so you've got the best maybe a candidate for a best performance at the weekend the jags defense against the candidate for the worst performance of the weekend in tom savage slashed is sheltered watson and the houston offense i mean to throw the rookie out there impressive that he was able to get the team to move and i wonder now deandre hopkins is going to say that watson is his guy because member tom savage was his guy regardless this brings us to the question about the houston quarterbacks a lot more quickly they maybe we anticipated so bill o'brien isn't saying who will start for him on thursday at the cincinnati bengals but that's a quick turnaround although i mean he's already pulled plug want on savage uh the decision to go with the sean really than a whole lot to do you know that more to do with could we find a spark could we find somebody that could make a play that could escape the parking like that i thought the tom really hung in there played played very tough we had arts protecting women so i just made the decision scholl mmhmm capital where at out this coughing la should have men to my statement just before the bell o'brien audio it's actually the second time that tom savage has been benched by bill o'brien because you're a member at the end of last year regular season he took bronze goss weiler's job but it wasn't long before osweiler took it back and that was the start the playoffs so savage has been through this before and i will give him credit after the game he said something along the.

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