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I let me walk you through how I found out about this. So first of all, I don't even know what it is. First of all, I see this like article on quality, and it's just like Jaden Smith announces about his new celebrity boyfriend. And I was like, whoa. Oh, Yeah. yeah. And And you're like. you're like boa. So then I click it and then Jaden Smith out of his concert, which also I'm still like Bo what Jaden Smith as concerts and is doing music. Yeah. He's like a vague bradfor- singer. I dunno. It's okay. So I have so many kids, and then also I click on it, and like belie-, he has nineties blond hair. Like, you know, when we die I guilty. He's dying. Yeah. He looks like a young ninety Cisco. He said, and I quote listens him on sage as I just wanna say tie. The creator is the best friend in the whole world, and let them so fucking much and Tyler doesn't want to say this. But Tyler is my mother fucking boyfriend, and he's motherfucking boy from my whole, my mother fucking boy from my whole life Tyler creators fucking boyfriend. It's true my home life. Yeah. And then he then what then put it. And then he put a tweet something that effective. Just like see you can't deny it now. And then the second article of rude will then the next article I read was like he sends us deleted that tweet. And we're not sure if they're really dating or not. Okay. Lot of things to. I. First and foremost tie. Tyler the creator has been known to put out some songs hints that he might be gay or bisexual. But you know, that's his business, you know, and ever way he wants to reveal himself. I think that that's the way he can. If you dating Jaden, then great good for them. I want them to have love. But I also feel like Jaden is a disrespectful ass boyfriend by going out on stage and proclaiming crazy news. And then ha ha can't take a back on Twitter. I would be like. You know, that I'm a part of the hip hop community, which is horribly homophobic. He's just hoping t not my own time. He's just helping to bust him out of that door out of that closet door. He's just bulldozing get out this pulling him out. I agree. Everyone should come on their in their own time in their own way. But Jaden crazy, especially from Jaden Smith rich kid who also sidebar. I don't know if you've seen this, but the new TV show would Jada Pinkett Smith red table red table talk. I haven't seen it yet. There are post. The billboards are billboards are all over New York on that Facebook Micciche it that makes no sense now has something in common with Jada Pinkett Smith billboards because her finish billboard. And so is mine James's faces on a billboard James's face is on litter in the St James's faces on a website faces everywhere with his best lady friend taking pictures. And her kids and her family. No, that's my wife and our doctor Dr. I was like those kids don't look like your kids. The most diverse like I did this shoot for fideliscare. Get covered is the campaign. And then like someone who sent me a message there. I one of our listeners what? Yeah. Someone sent me a shot out there. Like, hey, is this you I'm on the giant as your board? Have you Brooke lays, and it's just like your giant face taking up two thirds of the billboard. Which is amazing peering over. I'm building. You look like you're like, hey, ever. Down behind the hills. Oh my God..

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