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That we observe as we flip resources into our flipboard magazine over the past two weeks in this episode. We have four trends that we will discuss and long with a recommended reading. That will share. That goes with each of the four trans. We end the episode by peering into the crystal ball and making predictions about the trends. We believe will observe in the upcoming two weeks so abby start us off by talking about are four trends in sharing are recommended readings. Thank you tim. Yes are four trends. Will the first two translate the top trending items than the largest number of articles that we flipped into our flipboard magazine in the past two weeks were the same as the last as the last episode number one hardware and software. We saw tablet These are tablets that are specifically for reading books. pdf etc tablets for reading g. Mail gets a redesign specifically g mail. Rooms are now g mail spaces. Google meet also gets an update a again specifically more visible hand raise requests There's also a recommended alternatives to adobe photoshop. This was a good article that listed a number of alternatives for anyone. Who's doesn't have access to photoshop but needs to manipulate images in an image files. There were oculus quest updates. There was the voila. A artist reviewed. I'm i'm assuming that many of you listening out. There are liked him and myself and have played a little bit with voila a artists. One of the nice things about this particular article was that discussed. How one's data is managed personal data that the app itself makes use of an and collects. Facebook releases live audio rooms which allows people to broadcast live from within facebook but the recommendation read in. This area is microsoft's new fluid office. Documents are coming to life in teams one note and more by tom. Warren for the verge. As always. I apologize if i mispronouncing anybody's names This new fluid sense of documents though is something that Tim and i were talking about earlier and tim. We were saying it's not difficult for us to kind of catch up with this well. It's still a little bit of a challenge for somebody like me but it's it's not bad but it is the sort of thing that we're going to. We suspect we're going to have to describe to mentor colleagues. So by virtue of the fact that we're describing this too many of our colleagues. We think this is an important article to read just to get up to speed on what fluid office documents actually are our second trend. Instructional design and teaching in general. This was the same as last episode and we are thrilled to see this as a strong trend. There are a lot articles about. Instructional design strategies and teaching in general badging and micro learning strategies learning measurement. There was a report suggesting the teachers are more likely to experience. Depression systems symptoms than any other adults. And we're not happy about that. It's we're just reporting that this is the case but this is something that should be looked at by all of us who are in education. A new book teaching machines the history of personalized learning by audrey waters. It's a book that examines the history literally the history of teaching machines and that brought back. Happy memories to us for those of you. Who don't know statement..

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