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He turned and was dating back to first, of that is the part that they're reviewing. Right now and we'll, have to wait for the call but as we wait it reminds me again on why. Instant replay needs to be tweet needs? To be improved why do we have this longer delay? Why I'm Pires to come off the field to consult why? Can't the people in New York be watching this play have an IFP communicate directly. With the umpires and get these decisions quicker and. Faster, but we are waiting right now for the decision again it was the throw. To first after Herrera had taken a step towards second he then had to dive back into I. Because of that and they are going to rule out So Mickey Callaway wings the replay rule Harare's called out at first getting is going to end Philly fans, certainly, don't like it and now there's an argument. For Gabe Kappler Phillies. Manager at home plate nevertheless the end of the inning and after seven It's the. Match three and the Phillies one this is major league baseball on ESPN, radio, and ESPN app presented by Barbara saw razor Commence Oh, hey spending Yeah did I just hear you say I? Love.

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