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The way That was a risk initially the hot air festival So right And I went to a church that overlooked the Rio Grande river and we watched some float over the river So anyway this is my third Thursday calling because I want to tell you I've actually seen that and my cousins lives on shama street if you know where shama is This is Albuquerque community calendar this morning Yeah Yeah Yeah It's near the piggly wiggly All right Thank you Anthony Thank you We haven't been yet truly and if you're listening you haven't been to the balloon fiesta in New Mexico in October It is spectacular If you live in the states it's worth a trip It's a beautiful time of year It's just wonderful It's something that you can't even imagine unless you're there in real life how spectacular it really is It looked like super fun Fun I know it made you say I saw it on Twitter made you homesick Yes it's I'm sorry Okay Matt Man Chicago is also in the queue to suck up to Dana Hi Matt and Chicago It's the Dana suck up line go ahead Hello man Oh Matt couldn't wait to suck up That's what sucking up to Dana Hillary's gay No Matt that's not hilarious Get your gaze straight Matt is gay Rex in Colorado hello No that Matt's not funny Okay Hi Rex Hello Is it my phone system Is it me Hello Hello Nothing to do Hello Rex All right Dana All right.

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