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Package out the DHL terminal. The device was secured and move to a more remote location on the property to be rendered safe by the hazardous device unit and investigation into the package is still ongoing FC Cincinnati complained earlier this month about delays, but word came on Thursday that the soccer club had signed a good neighbor agreement with the ballet and Cincinnati city council has unanimously agreed to these owning changes FCC needs to move ahead with construction of its stadium in the West End. Grief counselors were on hand at western row elementary school on Thursday after the passing of ten year old sable Gibson. She passed away Wednesday evening after being diagnosed with both the flu and strep throat. Just one day earlier. Pope Francis, holding a summit at the Vatican with church leaders from around the world to address sexual abuse in the Catholic church survivors of clergy abuse. Air rather a sexual abuse per protested outside one of the first big moments of this unprecedented. Vatican summit was spontaneous. Pope francis. Kissing the hand of a polish survivor of sexual abuse. Simply BoomTown speaking the bishops and cardinals summoned from around the world to address the issue. The pope said sympathetic words won't be enough to solve this crisis. Could hit the faithful he said expect concrete and defective measures. Phil Saviola was molested at age eleven by a Catholic priest in Boston who ultimately had twenty eight victims Savia, no story part of the Boston Globe spotlight series went on to inspire an Oscar winning movie. He's one of a dozen survivors invited to share their views with Vatican. Organizers you feel finally heard.

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