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Before the break a hard working woodchopper lost his trusty old acts in the river the goddess up the river offered him three other axes. One made a Franz one made solid silver and one made of pure gold but the honest man confessed that none of them belonged to him. After the river goddess disappeared beneath the water the woodchopper side bowed his head and with a heavy heart dragged his feet back to the tiny cottage. He shared with his mother and son as he approached. His family came bursting through the door. They were brimming with excitement. Oh Son Gatty you must come inside open up. You sent the woodchopper tilted his head my present but it is my birthday that somebody get me a gift. They most certainly did my dear. The family went inside and sure enough. Sitting on the kitchen table was a large package wrapped in Creamy Silken tied with a blue. A lovely woman brought it over just now she had the most gorgeous hair iridescent almost anyway. She told me that she met you today. And that you were the most humble hardworking and honest person she'd ever encountered so she wanted to give you this gift. The wood choppers heart raced as he untied the blue and once he removed the silk wrapping he found some very familiar objects or treasures. Really one made of bronze one made of solid silver and one made of pure gold. Wow Daddy look at those accents. My dear son. I'll bet you never dreamed of chopping wood with such treasures wait the what. Choppers Mother rummaged beneath the bronze silver and gold axes. There's something else in there. The woodchopper watched in amazement as his mother picked up a velvet PAG. She reached inside. And do you know what she pulled out? That's right my axe. Indeed it was the treasured old acts. The woodchopper had inherited from his father. The well Warren Iron Hatchet with the smooth wooden handle. Well I'll be. It's good to see you again. How long the entire village was buzzing with. The News of the woodchopper is new found treasures because the woodchopper was such a fumble. Hard working and honest soul. Everyone was happy from his good fortune. Almost everyone down the road from the which hopper lived a farmer and the two neighbors were as different as summer and winter while the woodchopper was working the farmer was lazy hiring dozens of farmhands to work the land while he stayed in bed all day and while the woodchopper was honest armor was deceitful. Often cheating those farmhands of their daily wages and keeping their money for himself As you can imagine when the Lisi deceitful farmer for the story about the wood choppers new axes. The greedy man seethed with Chelsea. If that goody goody down the road can get all these treasures just by dropping shoddy acts into the river. Then I can get them to so. The farmer rummaged around his barn for an old axe stuffed. The axe into big SATCHEL and brought it to the riverside. Now you remember why the wood choppers treasured acts bound up splashing beneath the water. If you'll recall it's because he was working hard right sweating straining heaving and Hoeing as he swung his acts against that giant oak tree than the acts got stuck he inked tug to pull it out and splash off. It went to the swift deep river. Well just thinking about all. This hard work made the lazy farmer want to go to bed so when he arrived at the river. Do you think he started swinging his acts sweating and straining heaving and Hoeing most certainly not instead. He took his acts from the. Satchel dangled the hatchet at the water's Edge. And let it fall into the river with a-plus then he crouched down on the bank and pretended to Cry Justice. The farmer had hoped the river began to bubble and a cloud of mist rose from the water surface and the farmer heard the magical voice. He'd been dreaming of good farmer. What troubles you? When the farmer caught sight of the river goddess. He frowned and rung his hands. Oh River Goddess. I was hacking away at a tree. When my dear treasured axe got caught in the trunk used my incredible strength to pull it free and next thing I knew it had fallen into the river. The farmer felt his heart leak. Got US up. The river dove down into the water when she emerged again. She reached out her long graceful arm and held up a bronze axe. Is this your treasure tax? The farmer trembled with delight as he snatched the bronze axe and stuffed it inside his Satchel on the riverbank. Actually River got us. That is my treasured acts but silly me. I somehow forgot to tell you. I lost another acts in the river today to one. That's a little more silvery. A smile spread across the river goddesses. Face then she didn't beneath the Water. When she came back to the surface she held out another axe. This one made of solid silver. Is this your treasured acts. The farmer giggled as he grabbed the silver accent crammed it into the sexual next to the bronze axe. Why yes that's my treasured acts. Oh but I'm so embarrassed I actually lost yet. Another acts in the river today to one. That's far more. Golden the river goddess arched pearly eyebrow. Then she flighted back down under the water when she rose up again. She held out an axe made of pure gold. Is this your treasured axe? The farmer licked his lips as he took the golden axe and laid it inside the Satchel next to the silver and bronze axes. You know what that is my treasured acts. I know that golden glint anywhere. Oh River Goddess. Oh three of these treasures have been so near and dear to me and here I was thinking they were lost for ever however. Can I thank you? The river got his peerage deep into the farmers is then slowly. She began descending into the water. Well good farmer. If you truly have your treasures then you should just go home. It's clear my work here is done then. Her iridescent head disappeared beneath the surface and she was gone leaving nothing more than a ripple behind the farmer danced with greedy delight before picking up his Satchel and skipping back to his farm ooh Yes yes yes yes but when he got home and unloaded his bag he was in for a major surprise although the Satchel had built heavy and full as the farmer traveled back from the river now discovered much to his dismay that the great big bag was empty and so unlike the humble hardworking chopper the selfish lazy farmer wound up empty-handed he'd lost the bronze axe hit lost the silver axe. He'd lost the gold acts and thanks to his greed and dishonesty he'd lost his own acts.

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