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It's not often that someone lives long enough to have to bury her nearly eighty two year old son. But nothing about MRs Roberta McCain's life has been particularly ordinary Redeker reports. At one hundred, six. You might say, Roberta McCain is the original maverick with her husband, navy Admiral gun for long periods at sea. Roberto raised her son and his two siblings largely on her own Roberta McCain gave us her love of life, her deep interest in the world, her strength and her belief that we're all men to use our opportunities to make ourselves useful to our country. I wouldn't be here tonight, but for the strength of her character, the two were very close to Roberta. He was simply Johnny. They was just one of those nice children that people like to have around the neighbors live every everyday like Johnny Roberta. McCain was born in one thousand nine hundred twelve. When William Howard Taft was president and her independence streak kicked in early in life. She was just nineteen when she met her future husband a sailor on the USS Oklahoma. Roberta's mother banished him from their home because she didn't want her daughter to marry a sailor. So what did Roberta do we eloped? It was a real of affair if it was Roberta created what her son leader called a mobile classroom. Often taking her children on road trips as part of their education as Senator McCain shared in his memoir, they went to museums, art galleries and natural wonders of the world later Roberta and her identical twin sister spent years seeking adventure around the globe. She reportedly wants road through the Jordanian desert in the dark of night at one point when Roberta was in her nineties, she flew to France where they told her she was too old to rent a car. She had an answer for that way. They wouldn't me cars. So bought a po- Joe when her trip was over, she ship that car to the US and reportedly drove it out west. And if there's any truth to the stories. Son told about her on the campaign trail. She probably got there pretty fast. Senator McCain like to tell the story of his mother being pulled over for going one hundred, twelve miles per hour. It is no secret. She's a force to be reckoned with. Is is if miserable Berta had been the McCain captured by the North Vietnamese, they would've surrendered. Her strength helped her navigate. One of the toughest periods of her life. A friend of our said Roberta two planes were shot down and we didn't see the check shins and we'll. We came home Tom Moore who was chief of naval operations called, and he said, we would sure that Johnny's gone. And when she heard that her son had been taken as a prisoner of war, can you believe that that's the best I ever had in my life? See, it depends on where you're standing. How thinks affects you years later when Senator McCain ran for president, Roberta joined him on the campaign trail at her age, she always imagined her son would outlive her, but instead this week, she's burying him a pillar of strength. Once again for the McCain family, Randy k. c. n. n. New York. What an incredible woman be sure to tune in CNN tomorrow morning, remembering a hero. The funeral centre. John McCain coverage begins at eight AM eastern time up next spectacular tribute to another great American Aretha Franklin we put together the dynamic moments of some of music's best came to Motown to embrace the joy that the Queen of soul left all of us and Monday here on CNN. We debut the story of another pioneering woman, the CNN film or BG. I am proud to nominate this pathbreaking attorney advocate and judge to be the one hundred seven Justice to the United States Supreme. Maybe in trying times. But think how it was in those days. The judges didn't think sex discrimination existed. What she was doing in laying the foundation took women on the same plane as Nathan Cole wise equality and civil rights. Ruth Bader Ginsburg quite literally changed the way the world is for American women. What has become of me could happen only in America. Shot. She's become such a rockstar. Life is the closest thing to a superhero. She's known to fans the world over as the notorious RPG I ask breath is they take if off far Knicks, McKinsey Atwood..

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