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Now, what would you do if you weren't afraid to match? Manage those retirements. I've always said, you're you're going to be the best toured for your money, you you can't always rely on a complete stranger to to hand your money over to because that's what happening a lot of time. It's a it's a referral from a friend of a friend. And maybe don't even have not have the knowledge of who that person is. You know, everybody knows an expert Josh. And they then they're trying to help they wanna help you. But maybe sometimes that is a relative or a friend. We actually have people that come in. That are learning to trade that in their biggest concern is the fact that they're going to have to tell their brother in law and sister in law that they're going to take control of the money that that person happened to be managing for them as a financial adviser. Right. I mean, it's almost like it's like the blind leading the blind. And it's unfortunate and a lot of our listeners wanna manage their own accounts. Their 4._0._1._K's IRA's really just don't know where to start L. You talk about that a lot, and you're investing classes that you tease, but what are some of the steps you need to take to manage your own accounts. Well, number one. This is not a do it yourself project that you can learn anew to begin you need to get the proper education in most people. Unfortunately, the the biggest thing that they have to rely on when they retire is their four one K for three be in most people, truthfully. Don't know what's in them. They have no idea even why the invested in a certain investments, you maybe you have a grouping of mutual funds. You can choose from. Hopefully, you have something other than mutual funds in the these classes that we that we teach these investment classes, the Josh has been talking about we talk about four one case, we talk about mutual funds. We talk about how you can trade within your 4._0._1._K we called dynamic 4._0._1._K management. Look, this is something that is going to be have a big impact on the quality of your life in retirement. And if you're not managing it properly taking advantage of what you can do. With it to build the the value of of those funds. You know, then you might not be able to live the dreams you want in retirement. We also will show you how to make money off of your retirement accounts. And that's the most important thing is how how much money you can generate the income you generate off of it. So maybe you don't even have to pull down or draw from those retirement accounts. But you always generate money so matter, no what no matter what's happening in the market. Whether it's going up or down have have the assets protected. That's number one protect those assets. And number to learn how to generate income off of them. Even if it's in cash you can generate income of cash. Well, we mentioned, you know, you'll be the best of your own money just to give some light on that is we've actually have had a lot advisers and brokers come into these investing classes and really have no clue what retirement what things you what you can really do. They're just there's their sales people, and they're they're putting you in positions or selling you. Fuck. Funds. A lot of them. Don't even know what shorting as you can make money in your in your retirement in down markets L at mentioned that earlier options is how you do that. And I know you talk about that a lot in those investing classes you teach..

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