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The pandemic. We can't necessarily sell things in person at flea market or You know at holiday bazaars and so a great way to work around that is to sell things online. Yeah i i also really just like the sort of Viral aspect of the story. And i noticed that another story that made the top that you wrote was about nathan daca which is who had made this viral tiktok video where he's just writing skateboard and drinking What is it cranberry juice. And and suddenly he's a star and he. He is actually native. And i thought that was pretty cool. That was on the list as well. Allison what about you like Were there any stories this year that you felt like kinda slip through the cracks that you really want to Highlight well so we talked about. We talked a little bit about the landgrab university story that was published in april. Who's in high country news that kaelin contributed to the jury by tristan atone and His partner i now i am also forgetting his name on their jitters Viz incredible story about how universities were established Using on on stolen land and how they continue to generate revenue. And you talk about data you know. I think that story had been in the works for two years going over all of these Tidal all of these records in the the are you know in the federal archives And just going looking back and all of these financial records and looking at how much Each is You know Endowment were you know how much it had grown since the Since the taking or the sale of that land often for for pennies Ah that was a really incredible story. that i just i don't think got enough attention and i really hope that it's on people's lists to read a there's an accompanying what site that you can actually go in and look at these universities that were established under the Built land grant program So that's one guy and I'll hang on. Hang on one second. Because i wanted to learn about this but i also want to point out that this is the kind of long form investigative reporting that takes time and money to to make and to get a mainstream organization a news organization to commit to something like this is pretty remarkable and so killing. What do you want to share about this And i'll get a link to the land grab piece On our website native america calling dot com as well. But what do you want to share about what you contributed to that story. yeah Yeah like allison said is it was really amazing. Story looking at Fifteen or sorry fifty. Two universities All across the united states that are public universities And so what tristen and His is reporting partner. Robert but you did was They re they found all eleven million acres of indigenous land. Spread all across the west That had gone on to actually funds. state universities. So when you think about Landgrab university or land grant universities rather You can think about like new mexico state university or colorado state university Which alison reported on And idaho state university Each of these universities all across the country Were granted a piece of this eleven million acres of land That they could go on to Sell to bruce their You know they're they're tiny Endowments and funds and found those universities. and so what..

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