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I find really interesting because it has that world intersecting with. A more familiar sich situation and I mean at one point. Nikolai says something like stay away from us. You're nice people you should stay with. And you're just kind of think. You know what would I do if if I was in Niamey wates situation because yes, she's repeatedly. In places where the more pragmatic thing to do would be to. Just, sort of take a step back whole. Well, this is really the police job, right but. She let them handle it. Yeah. Yeah. But in order for them to actually be able to handle it, she has to put herself. At risk and she and it's not you know like so many of us in our own lives, it's not that she went around saying I really want to be a hero today. So give me a challenge. You know she's sort of into this scenario where she gets to make a decision as to how she's going to respond. You know she's she's not an undercover agent like Nikolai. She's not a police officer or someone who is hugh she's she's chosen to be in obstetrician. She's chosen to do something good for the world by bringing new humans into into families ends helping with the process of birth, which is amazing. But that's not necessarily the same thing as saying, you know, give me a really ambiguous moral dilemma and let me add it 'cause sounds like fun. And I. I. Don't think very many of us want that either you know I'd like to I'd like to get through my day and I wanna you know do something good in the world and do something passionate about be able to pay my bills, feed my family and yeah that you know that sounds like sounds like a good day and yet we too are confronted many a time with decisions as to whether we're gonNA help someone or or give money to something or someone's hurt or we've hurt someone in our own lives something that we didn't. We get to decide whether or not. We can apologize you know we're. We're strong enough to say we're sorry and all those kinds of things are very rarely asked for more often than not. We just find ourselves in those situations. So I like that we see her finding herself in this situation and not really knowing exactly what to do but I think she's sort of the moral compass of the film she's. Trying to do the right thing and and yet she's kind of separate from this darker world like you said, she's sort of our way in. Yeah. I mean in her attempts to do the right thing at the beginning she kinda messes up and job set things in motion. But. I I really. Just in not just her character. All of the characters have layers and you know they're not just one thing but I like the fact that they give her a sense of humor. She's not just somebody who is just of grimly determined you know and and also in a film where I think so much of it as about this particular kind of really rather misguided. Ultra Macho interpretation of masculinity she kind of does a certain amount of just kind puncturing that particular when she's talking to Nikolai and he's doing his you know I'm really cool and tough routine and. Whatever I like when he offers her? It's towards the beginning of the movie in He's cool bike. And he's you know says you have far to go or whatever. or he says, you want to get a drink sometime use like I'm done tonight you want to get a drink and I love that she doesn't say anything she just gets on the bike and drives away he now she's is as naive as she is at certain times she also has yeah..

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