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Okay. Because that's the weird way. We do things here. Here we go most who has the most. You're listening to Caspian Los Angeles. Who has got the most playoff touchdowns in a career? Is that a Jerry Rice be Emmett Smith see Thurman Thomas most playoff touchdowns in a career, Greg? I think it's Jerry Rice. But I don't know why he threw Thurman Thomas in there. I must say Jerry Rice gra-, Jay. Jerry Rice, Jerry Rice, Jerry Rice played for about twenty seasons. But so did Emmett Smith just to be different. I'm gonna say Emmitt Smith Emmitt Smith is not the right answer. The right answer is Jerry Rice, God Jerry Rice has twenty two Emmett Smith Twenty-one and Thurman Thomas Twenty-one. So they're the top close. What single player has scored the most touchdowns in a playoff game. Is that a Ricky Watters for the forty Niners in nineteen Ninety-three Lagarde blunt for the patriots and twenty thirteen or Andy Farkas for the Washington Redskins in one thousand nine hundred forty three j what was the first one again Ricky waters for the forty Niners in nineteen Ninety-three. I think it was Ricky waters. I'm also going Ricky Watters, Greg. I thought blunt was the one to break that I'll say legare blunt Lagarde blunt the incorrect answer, the correct answer is Ricky Watters Lagarde blunt did have four in a playoff game in two thousand thirteen may have been the Super Bowl. Who has the most career playoff sacks? Is it a Willie mcginest b b Bruce Smith or see Reggie White Willie mcginest Bruce Smith, Reggie White. John you start this one. I'll go Bruce Smith, Greg. Yes. Outgoing Bruce Smith Bruce Smith. Yeah. All run correct, dances Willie mcginest was sixteen. Bruce Smith did have fourteen point five in his playoff career who has got the most career rushing yardage in NFL playoff history. Is that a Emmett Smith be Franco Harris or see Thurman Thomas start with J Emmitt Smith Emmitt Smith? But Franko hairs playing a lot of playoff games. But there weren't as many wildcard rounds back then. Oh, just to be different. I'll say Franco, Harris great. I'm just going to be different completely say Thurman Thomas. So somebody's somebody's right into our wrong. Jay is correct Emmett Smith fifteen eighty six Franco, Harris fifteen fifty six and Thurman Thomas, fourteen forty two I got screwed by thirty are. That's the top three and the last one all right now. Greg we need this is funny. Jaaz three Greg as one and I have one so Greg if you and I get it, right? We pass J by half a point. This one's worth two and a half, right? Who and a j you have to go. I who has the best playoff career quarterback rating. This is based on a hundred and fifty or more attempts best career playoff quarterback rating. Is that a Bart Starr be Aaron Rodgers or see Kurt Warner J Kurt Warner Kurt Warner because I think Jay's right, but because I have to go different. I will say Aaron Rodgers Aaron Rodgers for John. Yeah. I was thinking Kurt Warner the before the question even ended I'm gonna say Bart Starr to have one for everyone. The winner of this game, Greg bird. Fire because you were forced it is Bart star one. Oh, four point eight quarterback rating Aaron Rodgers second. Kurt Warner third. So those were the top three congratulations to Greg Bergemann aright coming back next. More fast track in just to mid not going away belong. Don't go anywhere who minutes..

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