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How many times do we recycle Hillary Clinton he's considering Hillary Clinton as a running mate this point the far radical left still for some reason find something redeeming in Hillary Clinton the moderate left doesn't those who were center leaning left don't see it since she got that **** kicked she got to beat in twenty sixteen literally it was it was a landslide she is blamed everybody for her lost herself the media call me most recently Bernie Sanders that it third deplorable as in the original holes from Russia although she's gonna colluded with Russia that's what is being reported by the drudge report today this is the New York Post Bloomberg reportedly considering Hillary Clinton and as were as his running mate written by Mary Kay ling he's with her quote Mike Bloomberg could team up with Hillary Clinton to try to take down president drop in November by making her his running mate Bloomberg's internal polling is found the combo would be a formidable force campaigns of campaign sources told the drudge report Saturday Clinton who lost her twenty sixteen White House bid to trump despite one of the popular vote said last week that you probably would not accept an offer to run as in other Democrats beep what I never say never because I believe in serving my country the lawyer said to us telling the generous I am a lawyer but it's never gonna happen with the former mayor of New York may or may press the question click on the Bloomberg were spotted together in December to dinner with daughter Chelsea page six reported supposedly to celebrate the birthday of socialite Annette DeLorenzo there you go can you imagine can you Michael Bloomberg things he has a chance if he selects Hillary Clinton Hillary Clinton is the probably the most damage politician in this country as secretary of state she's the one that kissed everybody's **** press the reset but with Russia as a can do as a candidate she she has been saying that trump colluded with Russia although her campaign bought the dossier actually did work with Russia actually did collude actually did hide a bunch of emails actually did lie like crazy constantly and since you lost she's she's treated everybody in her path like crap she's gonna save Michael Bloomberg get him a chance at the White House really is there really was gonna happen I mean is that not the Democrats grasping at straws Yang is out Adrienne was gonna give us a thousand a month damn thousand a month he forgot to tell you he's going to take it out of our own taxes and then try to pay it back to us that way or just lay this in deeper debt later Yang is out if nothing else he was the one candidate the guy got a thirty under other debates they do say what's a great question but I'd like people to go to my website right now the first ten people to go to my website get a thousand dollars that was kind of fun and then of course his supporters would show up indeed sprayed whipped cream in their in their mouths have fun on the debate stage he would say well I know a lot of doctors I am Asian that's fine well he's out though the one fun thing happening for Democrats is out so couple questions your few questions here number one is burning your guy you're so why Mannix plea to me if it will help me figure this out because he's just a curmudgeon who looks like a nasty do but a judge do you want to see him kissing his husband at every turn hello is that normal no every picture you see from him winning in New Hampshire big fat kiss with his husband I'm just does expect with was just what happens is normal now next one Michael Bloomberg Mike does he have a shot does adding Hillary Clinton help or hurt him interesting right one eight hundred five zero one seventy eighty one eight hundred five zero one seven zero eight zero Joe packed dot com stay here these these news radio twelve hundred W. O. message and data rates may apply earning your degree from one of the top business schools in the country might sound impossible to fit into your workload but.

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