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In downtown Seattle. Ryan Harris, KOMO news. The Washington department of transportation's warning that a partial closure. The viaduct won't be the only thing slowing drivers down this weekend. We're going to reduce northbound I five to two lanes at the Duwamish river bridge, so that we can replace some expansion hardware Tom peers with the department of transportation says the closures getting most of the attention these days, but that this closure has the potential to cause just as many headaches. Because of where is the northbound? I five partial closure begins tomorrow night at ten sixteen boats that sell many new vessels state ferry system is asking for over the next twenty years. More from komo's Jeff. Jeff Pohjola state ferry says many of their boats are more than fifty years old and are in dire. Need of replacement total cost will near fifteen billion dollars over the next two decades spokeswoman Hadley road era. For the funding all at once. But we are asking for the plan recommended five new Olympic class ferries immediately. Washington state is home to the largest ferry system in the country servicing nearly twenty five million people each year. Jeff Pohjola, KOMO news. All right now can't woman accused of killing her daughters being held without bail spent a lot of laurels attorney entered a not guilty plea to all charges against her. The fifty two year old faces charges of murder attempted murder and kidnapping she's accused of going to our ex husbands house last month. Using zip ties to confine her twelve year old son and then shooting her fourteen year old daughter because she called police as new app available for residents of Los Angeles. And komo's Charlie harder tells us he could give us a glance of the future of earthquake safety around here. It's called shake alert. If a five point or higher earthquake starts rocking and rolling L A those with the app installed might get a few seconds to a minute to take cover Caltech sites. Tom Heaton between the time. When the the earth starts to rupture on some of the full, and when the rupturing all over takes about a minute and a half the push alert system will be triggered by the US. Geological Survey early warning system sensor is still being installed up and down the west coast. So developers will be paying close attention to how things go in LA a try to figure out how did it play around here? Charlie Harger, KOMO news hopping on those Newburgh jumped bikes could end up costing you a lot more right now. If you lock the bike outside Seattle central zone, you'll have to pay twenty five dollars. That Joan includes downtown Capitol Hill, south lake union, Fremont wallingford in parts of the U district in Ballard. The company says that zone will expand as it adds more bikes. Komo news time is ten ten and for early exterior sports desk. Tom Glasgow begins with a hot stove league. Japanese left handed starter you say Kikuchi officially on board with the Mariners a four year contract. That guarantees him. Fifty six million dollars and includes club options, they could make it worth one hundred and nine million over seven seasons. Kikuchi was at T mobile park this morning that used to be known as Safeco field and talked about the possibility of pitching back in Japan. When the Mariners opened the twenty nine thousand nine season there in March. I hope. About. It is not my case. To say, of course, while he makes a return Japan each show may as well as a mariner and play his final big league games there before moving on to retirement speculation. We'll wait and see playoff football Saturday night in Arlington, Texas, ten and six Dallas ten and six Seattle Seahawks. Dallas is outstanding running back Ezekiel Elliott says he's ready to go for very good. Normally after a real game. We filaret. Filaret to play till about Friday Saturday. But I, you know, I'm ready to go right now. More sports in thirty minutes right here on your home of the huskies, KOMO news. I'm Tom Glasgow. What's in store for your business this week at Staples cases and cases.

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