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Withholding someone the range of four hundred million to five hundred million dollars in a two point four billion dollar budget that's a big chunk of money that goes away from the World Health Organization during the midst of a pandemic and that's with the concern is coming into play here Lawrence Gostin professor at Georgetown University who has been a critic of the World Health Organization said the president from cross the bridge too far he asking how do you threaten to withdraw funding from the world's leading global health agency in the midst of a pandemic with tens of thousands of people die he called it utterly irresponsible and you're seeing the same thing come from other countries like Australia the prime minister they're saying listen if they have plenty of problems with the World Health Organization and says that the the organization is not immune from criticism but they also added we're not going to throw the baby out with the bathwater here and that's the biggest concern is doing this in the midst of the pandemic if you wanna you got an issue and you want to take it up outside of this that's one thing but right now what we're had even hit the peak of the epidemic on a worldwide level and to withhold funding when the World Health Organization is asking for more funding that seems to be the bigger concern okay Michael Bauer from our twenty four seven network thanks for the update Michael thanks a prompt you to it's eight minutes after seven o'clock I guess it's all in the timing on that report the nation's capital remains on lockdown for at least another month here's fox's John decker from the nation's capital Washington DC stay at home order has been extended through may fifteenth in an effort to get ahead of the spread of the corona virus the extension means that schools and non essential businesses will remain closed Washington DC mayor Muriel Bowser said that the city would need to see a continuous two week decline in hospitalizations and positive tests before considering relaxing measures last week Bowser ordered all shoppers at grocery stores in the district to wear face masks DC has reported nearly twenty two hundred confirmed cases of the virus and at least seventy two related deaths in Washington John decker fox news six nine minutes past seven o'clock U. S. at its highest number of deaths in one day from the corona virus with John Hopkins tally saying as of Wednesday two thousand four hundred and five have died across the country on Tuesday after several days of which the number of deaths had fallen or was nearly flat the total is now over twenty eight thousand deaths and over six hundred thousand confirmed infections however Dr Anthony Fauci the nation's top infectious disease expert disease expert as we now told NBC's today show that it's plateauing and he said quote there is no doubt what we've seen over the last several days as a flattening out and according to the John Hopkins county there have been more than a hundred and thirty thousand deaths worldwide in two million confirmed infections of covert nineteen is now ten minutes past seven o'clock let's hit the roadways check in with John Hampton again brought to us by unbound dot org that's a ten minute ride into the bracket region across the state line of one eighty five laps this morning ten twelve minutes getting a permit route four towards the state offices in Providence to ninety five north southbound delay free in from Lonsdale Avenue of attack it with your each other doing the traffic I'm.

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