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Go to this exclusive address, four hymns dot com slash excite. That's four hymns dot com slash. Excite for your first month for just five bucks. Four hymns dot com slash excite. People were killed before dawn today in a head on collision between a box truck and a passenger van on a rural Mississippi highway. Investigators say all of the victims, who died were in the van and on their way to work the driver of the van suffered only minor injuries and told police he was in his lane and tried to avoid the truck at a curve on the road but couldn't investigation into the cause of the crash continues. Three people were killed, and one was injured when a sightseeing helicopter crashed near music festival in the Ozark mountains in western Arkansas last night at crash occurring shortly after the helicopter had taken off from the backwoods music festival. The estranged husband of a missing Connecticut, mom and his girlfriend appear in court today. Fox's Laura Ingalls voters Djilas came into the courtroom today handcuffed and shackled wearing an orange jail jumpsuit. He was looking around and it was standing room only he scanned the room to see who was an attendance and turned around and address the judge who then quickly began talking about the proceedings at hand. The judge discussed bond options for dulas and then later in a separate arrangement for his girlfriend, Michelle Toconas. They both made their first court appearance on charges of hindering prosecution and tampering with evidence after police took DNA evidence from Delos late Friday, that according to reports the attorney for photos, dulas asking for some leniency in the five hundred thousand dollar bond. Prosecutors say more charges are possible. Jennifer Boulos was last seen on may twenty fourth f TD is filing for chapter eleven bankruptcy protection following a rough Valentine's Day, and we'll break the business into peace. Originally called the floors. Telegraph delivery association. The century-old flour company has failed to turn a profit in for years. The company said today, it selling its North America and Latin American floors and consumer business for ninety five million dollars. I'm rich Denison. And this is Fox News. WCBS in Baltimore.

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