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Mississippi River Delta, Billion Years discussed on View from the Couch


It had riverbeds it had things that resemble the mississippi river delta and mars cool down before the earth did so the solar system was formed about four and a half billion years ago and the planets began to cool down mars being farther away cool down i and so the conditions to get dna off the ground might have originated are mars i when the earth was still molten so let's say hypothetically that dna kiss off the ground in the oceans of mars and then a meteor a meteor strikes the surface of mars and blasts rock into outerspace carrying carrying tiny little pockets of dna these meteors then float in outer space for millions of years until the gravitational pull the earth brings them in and these meteors then began to see the planet earth now in other words if you want to see a martian tonight look in a mirror we are the martians according to this theory now can this theory be ruled out and the answer is no because it turns out that meteors from mars have hit the earth any number of occasions this is amazing if you take a look at meteorites sliced open and they're very careful conditions and.

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Mississippi River Delta, Billion Years discussed on View from the Couch

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