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If he's going to say, yes. Yeah. He is winning. After today. My understanding was you're the main event for that card in Brooklyn. Are you still the main event or are? They just finding a placement. That that may have been for the for the okay? Wow. That's a big deal. That's the first card on ESPN. Plus, you know, it's a very big. God USC for there is a bit opportunity. You know? Yeah. I think that for the funds very good because he says that the first Joe for the fan of you had see and cheaper than they make. And may then that's great. That's a big deal. Yes. That's a perfect way to start it. I think I wonder if he's he's going to say, yes. Do you think he's going to agree? I see he stay ready because I thought of you because I tell you I have to be respectful big. And I think he stay ready or dislike I please take a defy. We may be sold for their for the funds. Yeah. The government. I'm wondering did you watch the card last week with all those middleweight fights Israel out of Sonya and Jacques array knocking out Chris wideman, Jerry Kennedy, or did you watch those? And if so who am I see show who choke? Choke and they signed making so good fight. And on this indefinite home grace. Megan. Good berry fight. Yeah. Who impressed you the most of all those middleweights that fall last week? Honesty. He's very ready. Because. Jagger greece. So good fight fight. Great fight and the other side. Megan groot? Impressively starting home so good, you know, but this is Betty is very hot. You can say the most in prison for me because she you see the frightening. And the Chris why mom comb my goodness. I say I track. The fight because. Neither side. Yeah. Did that fight? And especially the way it ended did remind you of your five with Chris wideman who was in the same building third round finish. Yes. I said what it is. That's what happened with my mind. Yeah. See you see is that same with the happened with for me. And then the same in the with the fight with me in the Browns. We're making our knockout. Yeah. They said in the same minute. Close and just curious out of sign that you think he could be future champion. Do you see that in him? He's very confident guy. He says he'll be a champion this time next year. Is. Is Joan guy. Yeah. But you know, what happened the night he having a habit. Punish he have a pottage back. He needs to. Yeah. He needed Friday that many guys you never know what happened the day. They had. The enemy is very you can say, that's it happen because this is EMMY. He had a broken shell. Yet is Joan have good strike hand. He had a good defense. But you'll get where you see. They're they're they're street three years or maybe Frank is ago. You see the mini way? Midway division who say who say there. He's nobody. Yeah. Nobody you know, that many guy how they for the for the please stay the night. Let maybe see..

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