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What kind of help these cars work. Well, so Joseph New Garden slips all the way back to the 19 position. Nick Yeomin and so some of the momentum he had started to glean back after the disaster it barber. Maybe is starting T trickle away just a little bit and we go back to Green flag racing. And Scott Dixon Grant gets a great start. But Alex below not so much below lost about six car lengths to Scott Dixon and Cold heard it was the one on the charge Further back. Mark. Tony Kanaan gets around, Rina speak a move him up his spot. Scott Dixon or roars down the back straightaway. The battle, though, is for seconds. Alexander Rossi getting a little racy. He wanted to see Cup of Jack Harvey. But Jack Harvey was not having any of it. But as Nick set that's battle on the race track now the battle for second It's Alex Pelo is trying to run away and hide from Colton hurting. He stretched it out to a couple of car legs. Now with the turnover, why, and to turn one into Scott Dixon's advantage. Eight or nine Car Legs award, get sacked on his horse and starts the bull. A bit of a gap on Colton heard a call it three or four car lengths further back, though, Mark, they're still slugging it out throughout the field, a couple of different drivers going at it, including Pietro Fittipaldi. He's mixed up in a pact with that Jones. It's Jones, Fittipaldi and Felix Rosenquist that the battle for the night position at Jones is gonna be able to step away from that, with a little bit willpower to try to catch back up for that back, will currently running in the 12th position, while Back up front already A 9/10 of a second leave for Scott Dixon. Yeah, it was a perfect restart for Scott Dixon is he saw that green flag, of course, is the leader. He could control the start. But Mark, he left his teammate Alex below, really sleeping at the line below, though kind of gather back up there turns two and three year threw down the back straightaway marquees counted about 10 Carlin. Willpower had up stacked up behind him off the turnover for power, currently running in a third, beat her 13th position. Lot of award. Simon Passion zero G. Ray home all trying to work their way around it, but couldn't quite do it yet. It's a matter of fact award almost got him into turn number three power. Move down all the way down the inside down the back straightaway to kind of hold that line. Pato Award had a strong charge. Now the back straightaway couldn't make it work. And now mark you left to gather it back up Pato Award and Simon Passion Oh, both chasing after willpower. That's the battle for 13 Keep it. I'll Joseph New Garden after the restart that penalty forced him to the rear of the field, and Joseph's not been able to gain any measurable benefit to try to get a spotter to back. Meanwhile, Scott McLaughlin working on Alexander Rossi Rossi trying to catch up to Jack Harvey, that battle works his way down the back straightaway. So I've been doing a great job running in that six position trying to catch Alexander Rossi about a four car like this advantage. Then McLachlan's got one of the best in the business. Tony Kanaan through turns three and four, could not about five car legs back of the rookie at its herd for to show you how Lady Luck could smile, a party of Davey Hamilton. We looked at guys like Kanaan and VK, and he has got the Laughlin and Alexander Rossi. We thought, How would those guys get into contention in ball? Itwas was a for some an ill time yellow. But for guys like them, the yellow could have come at a better time. That's exactly right. How about if I told you right now the highest running Pitesti car would be the rookie McLachlan running in that in that fifth position right now, during that six position right now, and the rest of pissing guys or the bad kind of struggling Simon passion all he's in port power. 14 national 50 not what we normally see guys. Obviously new guard went back that 18 spot. After the penalty, but great great run by McLachlan right now, and he's all over us. I mean, Rossi, Harvey looks like he might be holding that that line up just a little bit. Meanwhile, 1st and 2nd place they flat out. Check out on Colton heard And then from Colton back every about 20 cars lined up nose to tell. I tell you, I continue to be oppressed by Piatco Fittipaldi. Davey. I mean, these kids got a handful of start to the NTT IndyCar series. He comes to a place like this, which is really totally out of his comfort zone. First time he's been back in an Indy car in quite a while in a competitive situation, And yet he's got that 51 machine running right around the tip position tonight. How impressive is that? You're right. That's a great run for him, And he said he'd done it with confidence. You you watch him go around here and it looks like he's been in many, many races right now is Erickson gets will run on him coming off. Turn two trying to get anything done that back straightaway was seeping. Make best. No fit. Apology still keeps it going down into turn three. So 81 lapse complete the last year into Karen made a pledge to support diversity and inclusivity through the throughout the paddock in each of our defense to get it update on some of those initiatives that let's check in now with Katie Kyle. She's with a member of the IndyCar community who was on track with diversity. Rolando Coronado moved.

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