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In the morning it is eight await your morning if you're drop the kids off at school this morning hopefully Carla is going well for you this nobody said they're asking the teachers question but a homework assignment or kid Meston Mrs Johnson I got a question for you real quick yes I know everyone's behind me car line but just one quick question all the time or place if you could look at this piece of paper right here tell me what my best tennis homework assignments have a great shot out to my phone call in the car right now but beautiful wife lei Lani I love you buddy have a great fantastic fantastic day and yes you didn't ask me but I know you have an internal soccer game today that will be there for that game to watch you play awesome yes I mean unless you don't want me there because I scream too loud yeah sometimes yeah yeah okay that's fine that's absolutely yeah your kid has to hear you on the field yeah for sure how else can you coach is apparent from the sideline thinking or anything like that I haven't seen in five one because you think ever you go thing the grocery store in the elevator and people enjoy that makes this world style park let's do the connoisseur ago it is a battle of the sexes reps in the medicine is Giovanni he lives in Palmdale he works as a graphic designer enjoys to any Lakers games you have doing well and then I do a jeep on a like a sort of funny on no well that didn't go well I represented the lady's her name is Christy is from helmet she worked as a homemaker and enjoys attending sports functions with her kids let's hear it for Christy all right there we go he's no worse Christy I'm gonna ask you stereotypical male questions in Giovanni jail is out today so Kevin's gonna sit in asking you stereotypical female questions best of three when they were still tied into regulation we get or not stuff type request let us start with the ladies Bryan Cranston and Tracee Ellis Ross appeared in a Super Bowl commercial that spoofed what classic Jack Nicholson forum and forty three and enter the door give you more that I actually miss is a must without cooking on the grill or something I want to finish setting that's not right that's not the right I just didn't answer whatever you want to say or don't want to.

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