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The governor signed almost all the bills that made it to her death. She. Vetoed line item. Vetos? I don't couple dozen. But that was it out of over three hundred. But one one. Budgetary item that she did veto with about one point seven million dollars. And that was in New Mexico unit funding for the diversion of the healer river. She vetoed it. Thank you. Governor. She is not in favor in any way, shape or form of the diversion. Being proposed Downer silver city of the Hilo. As any sane rational thinking person would not be. Boondoggle. So she veto the money by one point seven million dollars and her spokesperson director communication strips. L Nekia said that the governor has been clear about her views on the diversion project. He added that the administration's opposition to it, quote does not come down one veto or one source of funds. But rather the policies that will be spearheaded by the office of the state engineer and the interstate interstate stream commission. The two agencies that oversee our water. The bureau. Reclamation federal agency has for about the last seven or eight years. Been putting money into New Mexico's convers for this project. They've given us about sixty million dollars into Mexico is chipped in a couple of million dollars. And we spent about fifteen million of that sixty million dollars on this project. Should we divert the Hilo? Does it make any sense? And let people consider to be about a billion dollar boondoggle. That water. Generated by diverting. The Hilo would be so freaking expensive the actual cost of the water. That makes no sense. Even Senator John Arthur Smith is opposed to and he lives in Deming. So the governor near wisdom. Thank you. Governor has vetoed that money, and we will be joined tomorrow by Alison civic, and she will. Break some news about the Hilo tomorrow news. That's embargoed. I can't even tell you about it. How top secret is four forty four minutes after one o'clock. So that's some good news. That comes out of a veto by governor, Michelle Luhan Grisham. Evacuated..

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