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They want someone they can trust. Our job is to cut through the caulking points. Martha maccallum we're going to ask the tough questions because there's a lot of conventional wisdom out there that needs to be challenged, Shannon. Bream what I'm doing is making sure that whatever has developed through the day, people are fully informed from coast to coast. We're twenty four seven news. But really down to the minute. We're going to be fearless. We're going to be fair. Whether it's for a midnight were there, Fox News channel, real news. Real honest opinion big debate last night in Texas, incumbent US Senator Ted Cruz taking on democratic challenger congressman beta Rourke, criticizing him for his support of Colin Kaepernick and others who kneel during the national anthem it NFL games, a work responding to many on armed African American men losing their lives in this country to peacefully protest that injustice nonviolently and to call attention to that to prick the conscience of this country. So that those in. Positions of public trust and power will finally do something standing up not just for your rights, but everyone's rights in this country. There's nothing more American than that for the first time in more than a decade. The US army misses it's recruiting goal falling about sixty five hundred soldiers short the strong economy. Getting the blame. These new numbers not great either drug overdoses liver disease from drinking too much and an uptick in suicide and Alzheimer's all contributing to a lower life expectancy the centers for disease control and prevention says life expectancy is now seventy eight point six years down one tenth of a point from last year. It's been declining for the past couple years. The first time it's done. So since nineteen Ninety-three the life expectancy also declining and other western nations, like the UK Germany and France, the CDC says, even though drug overdoses and suicides have increased heart disease and cancer are still the top killers for Americans joy, Piazza, Fox News. This is a good day to go to. Museum. Hundreds of museums across the country are offering free admission today as part of the Smithsonian's annual museum day be event organized by Smithsonian magazine has participating museums and office states, including the popular zoo, Miami, the African American museum in Philadelphia and the museum of pop culture and Seattle to get a free ticket go to Smithsonian dot com slash museum.

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