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While i think that's you know we put this in here to just show the fact that if we can lockdown kelsey and hill and just moderately. Stop the run. I think we're going to have a good chance and we just need to score touchdowns like you're gonna have to score thirty to beat these guys. I don't know what our defense is gonna look like or what they're gonna do over the top people have only been able to score twenty on us but those people aren't the kansas city chiefs offense so we go. I think realistically you need to be able to shut. Cover the top. Keep the top on the defense. Keep the top on those receivers within. We need to get this run game going. We need we need to run the ball control the time of possession. Those are just kind of essential things. We're gonna need to do. I think to to win this game. Yeah i think. I think it goes back to coach staley. We're gonna to do it our way. We have to focus on the chargers and if the chargers execute in the red zone we score touchdowns it's it's going to be tough because their defense is is. It's not that it's not all that i mean so. The chargers right now ranking based on our production offensively number five in the league and we're number thirteen on defense The chiefs are number nine in on on the offensive side and number thirty two they have the worst ranked defense. Get out in the nfl. They get they gave up like we talked about the one hundred fifty three addressing in three hundred twenty one to the browns and they should not have beat the browns. The browns and make a couple of bonehead mistakes. Wow they give up two hundred and fifty yards rushing and two hundred thirty nine yards passing to the raven so this and that was with And matthew having two interceptions and pick six while it was like without some bonehead. Mistakes from the teams are playing. Their own to ended are not. It's not even like it's super super. Close wow So that they add their defense has not not been playing but it doesn't matter if we can't find the end zone and if we have penalties that's what it has to come down to if we clean up our stuff. We should should have a great opportunity to win this game. as i went back and watch the last two games I think when they're on defense the two players that that give me any kind of concern are there to safety. Sorenson in matthew They're they're solid. Those are pro bowl elite level safeties. And they do a lot with them though bring sorenson and puts him off the edge of tara matthew a lot all over the place in coverage of so find those two guys i know just gonna be funding them every play To figure out what what the scheme. That therein And i think the other kind of maybe a little bit. Maybe less focused on attribute to this game is going to be Byron pringle the return guy for the chiefs. He's pretty nasty. I'm real quick. All the returns that i saw he was. He was potential to break one..

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